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I’m happy to announce that Patrick Gruban has recently joined the board of Effective Ventures Foundation (UK). This update follows our previous announcement about other changes to the EV UK and EV US boards, and it is our hope that Patrick will be the last new trustee to join before all projects fiscally sponsored by EV are offboarded into independent entities.

Patrick is currently the co-Director of EA Germany, where he leads the national group for the third largest[1] EA community. In addition to his current role, he brings a wealth of experience and operational knowledge from his career as a serial entrepreneur, which stretches back to the mid-1990s.

In Patrick’s words, “I'm excited to support the EA ecosystem's evolution through projects spinning off from EV. Nine years ago, I was inspired by EA ideas. Since 2020, I have been an active member and organizer of my local group and, since 2023, of the national EA community in Germany. I see my mission as using my experience as an entrepreneur to support the EA community to help people have more impact. Having expressed critiques of the EV and other EA boards last year, I'm particularly enthusiastic about this opportunity to make a difference.”

The EV UK trustees and I are excited for Patrick to be joining the board, and especially to be able to benefit from his previous experience in other leadership roles. We believe that his background will be of particular value to us during this last phase of EV.


Other EV UK and EV US trustee updates

To follow up on some of our previously announced changes, I also wanted to confirm that Tasha McCauley and Claire Zabel have stepped down from the EV UK board. Nicole Ross is also intending on stepping down from the EV US board shortly, and Eli Rose will complete his transition from the EV US board to the EV UK board in the near future. Finally, we had originally intended for Johnstuart Winchell to serve as an EV UK trustee, but he’s instead switched over to serving on our EV US board.



  1. ^

     Germany has remained the third largest country for respondents in the EA yearly survey (after the United States and the United Kingdom) as of 2022.




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Please have a low bar for reaching out to me (patrick.gruban@effektiveraltruismus.de or via the forum) if you think there are things the board should be aware of or that EV’s organisations might be missing out on. The actions and inactions of the EV boards, as well as executives of EV and the housed projects, can affect many stakeholders, including employees, volunteers, grantees, funders, contractors, and the many beneficiaries of the projects. I want to make sure that we can take these into account.

Congratulations Patrick! Well deserved!

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