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It's important to note that for most depositors (not necessarily most money, but most of the people for sure) the news hasn't broken yet definitively saying whether they'll get their deposits back, and they've been in a state of vague limbo ever since the bank run on Nov 8th.

Considering the volume of anti-EA sentiment published by reputable news outlets at the time, including misinformation published by those same outlets, what are the odds of it happening again after large numbers of confused FTX depositors are definitively informed that they aren't getting their money back? What are the odds of the negative coverage getting an order of magnitude worse, e.g. if journalists previously discovered during November that spreading misinformation about EA resulted in getting more clicks? What can be done for those contingencies?




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Any definitive "you aren't getting any money back" statement is a while off, and SBF/FTX will probably be oldish news by then. I think the more likely media focus points will be his likely indictment, plea, trial, and/or sentencing.

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