Hi all - was pleased to see this note from GiveDirectly today after donating ETH via this link. BTC and other currencies are also eligible. Sharing for others who may have enjoyed doubling GD gifts through the Every.org promotion and would like to keep the momentum going!

Your donation was tripled - Your donation has been tripled thanks to matching contributions from FTX and Haseeb Qureshi. All crypto donations made now through Sunday, December 5th will be tripled while matching funds last. You can help spread the word by sharing that you gave along with this poster.  




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Haseeb Qureshi and FTX are both EA aligned donors. I'm fairly skeptical that this is a counterfactual donation match.

Anecdotally, the match did lead a non-EA friend of mine to make a BTC gift she otherwise wouldn't have. So it could still lead to more 2021 giving to GD overall.

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