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Essays on caring


  • Tradeoffs - How can we balance our own needs with the needs of others? (5 mins.)
  • Famine, affluence, and morality (15 mins.) Note that many people in effective altruism disagree about exactly how demanding these ideas are.
  • Sustainable motivation - How can we stay motivated when facing massive problems (24 min talk)

Thinking carefully

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My favorite from this list of those I've read  is The value of a life - Minding Our  Way (15 mins) by Nate Soares.

When I first read it years ago it helped me grok the idea that the value I place on a life is so much greater than the price I can save lives at. In other words, the consumer surplus, or philanthropist's surplus or altruist's surplus, if you will, is tremendous.

A soaring tribute to the constraints we face in the material world. We can still do much much more.

This link is the top link on google and should redirect to the handbook home page. Adding an extra click is confusing and probably loses people.  https://www.effectivealtruism.org/handbook

It's pretty daunting for me to, to start a handbook with a load of other things I might read instead.

Is this the first article in the handbook? It says it is but then there are previous ones?

I think there's currently a bug with sequences - we're aware and someone's looking into a fix.

This series has been helpful in developing a curriculum for the EA Lagos Introductory Program. The articles are also well-referenced which is a big plus as I'm trying to put the ideas in a relatable context for my audience. 

Distilling these to relatable content isn't easy but I know my audience and don't want to be guilty of expecting short inferential distances.

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