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An inducement prize contest (IPC) is a competition that awards a cash prize for the accomplishment of a feat, usually of engineering. IPCs are typically designed to extend the limits of human ability. Some of the most famous IPCs include the Longitude prize (1714–1765), the Orteig Prize (1919–1927) and the prizes from the X Prize Foundation.

IPCs are distinct from recognition prizes, such as the Nobel Prize, in that IPCs have prospectively defined criteria for what feat is to be achieved for winning the prize, while recognition prizes may be based on the beneficial effects of the feat.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inducement_prize_contest




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I intend to update this answer as I think of more.

  • Creating a gamete from a stem cell (to enable [iterated embryo selection](https://www.lesswrong.com/tag/iterated-embryo-selection))
  • Reanimating a cryonics patient (although, creating a prize that long in advance will probably not create a market pressure in the short term)
  • First human to achieve some level of intelligence (as measured by some IQ test) (prize split between the person and the genetic engineering lab) (this is more about the social incentive than economical one, as I suppose there's already an economical one)

Why is "iterated embryo selection" desirable on EA grounds?

I can see the argument that this let's us improve human intelligence, which eg leads to more technological progress. But it seems unclear whether this is good from an x-risk perspective. And I can see many ways that better control over human genetics can lead to super bad outcomes, eg stable dictatorships.

Also safer technological progress, which is where a significant chunk of the x-risks are coming from. I don't think this would influence the probability of stable dictatorships. 

Hmm, good question.

Recommending people to apply:

  • for an EA related job where the people end up being seriously considered
  • for an EA fund who ends up getting funded

Forecasting related:

  • maybe writing of comments on EA relevant questions on Metaculus that shift the distribution of forecasts by at least a certain amount
  • writing EA relevant questions on Metaculus

Content related:

  • incentivizing EA related book reviews with a contest

those are not inducement prizes

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Hi Mati, I'm discussing with people right now about how to make bountied rationality as an inducement prize platform for public goods. We also have a discord server for it. Would you be willing to connect on FB?

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