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It seems to me like the ratio of preparedness : prevention for environmental change should be way higher

Thanks for asking! Yeah, we haven't advertised this on our website yet. I'd love to help your mission at Leaf--this is exactly the kind of projects I want to support :)

yeah, could be a nonprofit but probably not a charity

I just skimmed. I like the idea. That plausibly only works for sufficiently memetically fit charities (which varies based on the product/service), but that's probably still a significant number.

If this is thesis is true, then it means donors (of charity that have companies with a consumer based that is memetically fit for that charity) should buy companies and transform them into Profit for Good (at least assuming they're able to hire a good CEO, and maybe providing other incentive-based pay for the CEO if they don't have shares), because this would increase the valuation of the company, and so increase their donation impact.

Running the organization directly as a charity would also have other advantages, notably tax benefits and unlimited H1B visas.

I'll share on The Economics of Doing Good (Effective Altruists) and add on Cause Prioritization Wiki.

I sent an email with a group application on September 18th (, but still haven't received a reply; I hadn't used the Google Form given it was a group application -- Did you receive my application? :/

Is this program family-friendly?

Increase the prize for the International Mathematics Olympiads

Rationale: It's a useful source of talent EAs have used, and the current prizes are pretty low (less than 100 USD each AFAIK).

I'd be willing to pitch in that prize. Please reach out to me if interested.

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