TL;DR: A research communicator wants to provide the community with free resources. She relies on your input which are needed most, so she knows which to create first.

I'm Lia, a science journalist turned freelance research communicator who specializes in EA communications. And I want to make your life easier!

I want to provide free resources to our community, so you can share your ideas and research with others more effectively. This can include any situation in which you struggle to get your message across: Giving presentations, writing reports, posting on social media, creating blog posts etc. 

I need to prioritize: Which roadblocks are most common, which resources are needed the most? Please tell me about the roadblocks you face as a community builder, researcher, or founder. You can either fill out this anonymous Google form or drop me a comment below.  That way, I can start answering your most pressing questions first.
Thank you!




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