I'm looking for more information on the survey mentioned in this 80,000 hours episode. Relevant text from the transcript:

Robert Wiblin: You did another similar survey to this to try to figure out people’s attitudes towards animal charity and just the welfare of animals in general, right?

Spencer G: Right, I think one really interesting thing is the way people think about animals. Many people care about animals and think it would be really bad to harm them, yet in the factory farming system, it seems like a lot of animals are harmed. We were interested in studying that apparent contradiction. What’s going on? Is it that people don’t believe they’re being harmed? Is it that people don’t believe animals feel pain? Maybe they only care about dogs and cats and not about other animals. We wanted to investigate that.

Perhaps it's linked to from that page, but I can't find it.





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@garrymm, here is my talk where I discuss this study further. https://youtu.be/tOSpj19eows?t=876 At the end of the talk (22m 37s) I also point to where to find more info.

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2. I'll send this post to Spencer and see whether he knows of a public link to the survey's results.

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