CSER's AI:FAR team is looking for a new Senior Research Associate, to work on the longterm impacts, risks and governance of AI.

Here is the job ad -- come work with our team! -- or please share it on if you think there is someone who would be a good fit.

(Deadline 30 January 2022)

Note: requires PhD, and experience of postdoctoral research or equivalent




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Would people giving you a list of plausibly good candidates be useful, so you can contact them? (Specifically, I know of lots of people who are probably too junior but still might be worth the low cost of an email asking them to apply since they seem promising and interested in this kind of thing. And I guess even if they are too junior, maybe they'll impress CSER enough that you give them a more junior version of the role.)

Yes that would be helpful, thanks!

Cool, I'll shoot you an email!

Note: the deadline has been extended to 27 February 2022

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