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To help people find what to apply to, aisafety.training acts as a well-maintained living document of AI safety programs, conferences, and other events. This will smooth the experience of people working on and joining AI safety and reduce the burden on word-of-mouth transmission of available programs. This can also be helpful for field builders planning events to see when other things are happening to plan around. We at AI Safety Support have been internally maintaining this document for some time and using it in our free career coaching calls. We now have a public-facing version, a form to add anything we’ve missed, and an email to alert us to corrections.

For example, below, you will find static / will-soon-be-outdated images without clicking on the website link.


Application Deadlines

Program Timeline

Program table

If you’re interested in helping to maintain this and can consistently dedicate a few hours per week to reading places where things might have been announced, accepting additions from the form and corrections by email, or if you have feedback or feature requests, leave us a comment or drop by the Alignment Ecosystem Development Discord, where this is worked on along with related projects to improve the information ecosystem such as aisafety.community and the upcoming aisafety.world and ea.domains.



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