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Congratulations Niel! Best of luck with the future of 80k!

Whatever happened to AppliedDivinityStudies, anyway? Seemed to be a promising blog adjacent to the community but I just checked back to see what the more recent posts were and it looks to have stopped posting about a year ago?

I consider this sort of "oh, I have a take but you guys aren't good enough for it" type perspective deeply inappropriate for the Forum -- and I say that as someone who is considerably less "anti-Anthropic" than some of the comments here.

I interpret it as broadly the latter based on the further statements in the Twitter thread, though I could well be wrong.

Congrats Ben, and count me in as another voice in favor of this type of humor on the Forum!

Yes, to be clear I don't think Oli was necessarily claiming that -- I was replying to Jonas here, who listed Tara as one of "the Leverage people" in his own comment.

Wait, was Tara a Leverage person? Kerry and Larissa work for Leverage now and Tyler was affiliated in the past, but I wasn't under the impression Tara was particularly involved with Leverage -- though I could of course be wrong!

A while ago I remember seeing some  discussion of EA analysis of Ukraine relief following the Russian invasion -- perhaps some EAs from Poland were involved? Did this ever get comprehensively written up anywhere?

I quite suspect people at Anthropic are already thinking of considerations like this when deciding what to do and am not sure that an anonymous post is needed here.

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