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CEA uni groups team updates - Fall 2022


Hi Manuel,

Thank you for sharing your observations and concerns!

I think there are a few points of context that might be helpful. First, the funding for EA Berlin was not retracted. Rather, when EA Germany approached CEA in the fall (before FTX’s collapse) we said that running a hiring round was welcome, but that funding this position would not be guaranteed and that the bar for an additional FTE in Germany would be quite high. This became even more true after FTX's collapse and the funding situation changed. As the EA Berlin hiring proceeded after November, we conveyed that whilst the hiring process could continue, the likelihood of our financial commitment was reduced.

We found ourselves in a situation where available funding was more limited and each new position funded would involve a pretty direct tradeoff with other funding opportunities. Our review of the amount of funding already allocated to EA groups in Germany made us reassess the allocation of marginal dollars. We were persuaded by the possibility that the funding could be more beneficial if allocated to a new country or region, rather than adding an additional FTE in the same country.

The decision ultimately not to fund the EA Berlin position was not related to the recently reported incidents of sexual harassment. We regret any misunderstanding.

Regarding EA Berlin’s status, we value the significant efforts of its many dedicated members and are pleased with the size and accomplishments of this group. However, given the current circumstances, we hope you understand the tough decisions we had to make in order to maximize the impact of available funds.

We agree with your sentiment about the potential benefit for local and national groups to consider diversifying their funding sources. It’s an important strategic consideration that can help ensure the long-term stability and resilience.

I’d be more than happy to discuss in further detail if anything else remains unclear.

Thank you very much Patricia! These have been updated.

Thanks! The exercise in Session 7 is meant to encourage people to write their critiques: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/s/32FKXByGNgHLPaHnj/p/SYxBpdthYWcd6eQhF

Perhaps it's useful to make the writing suggestion more explicit/specific.

Thanks Vaidehi! I appreciate the concern about over-optimizing for organizer (and especially student) organizer experience. We're hoping to get feedback from many folks and integrate accordingly. The EAVP cohort is small and it was selected based on facilitator capacity - it isn't meant to be purely representative or the last time we'll get feedback from those types of users.  

Yes! We shared earlier drafts of this handbook with a number of potential users (especially uni group organizers) and the handbook is now being piloted in an EAVP cohort, which is sending in-depth feedback. 

Hi Simon, thanks for this question! We understand and are sympathetic to the benefits of making the handbook available as a PDF/printed book. For now, we don't have copyright/authors' permissions to do this and so we can't currently make the handbook into a printable version. If there is enough demand, we might re-visit and try to make this doable in the future.