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How others can help me

SoGive is accepting clients for advising. I’d love to make connections with major donors. Book a 1-1 with me to see how I can help!

I’m also looking for advice on being a better advisor and researcher! So if you’re a fellow advisor or researcher, please do reach out.

And lastly, I’d like to stay up to date on what’s going on in the funding space. So if you’re a grantmaker or evaluator and changes are coming up in your organization, please do reach out. 

How I can help others

I’m a philanthropy advisor at SoGive. I help major donors give note and give better, by doing research and making recommendations based on their personal values and moral weights. If you have:
- a donation budget of $100,000 or more,
- or a foundation,
- and uncertainty stopping you from making the most of your philanthropic potential

...And you need someone who can:
- clarify your mission and strategy,
- take research off your plate,
- connect you with organizations and get your questions answered,
- translate your giving from "I donated $$$" into "I saved lives/made people happier and healthier/reduced the chance of a disaster"...

Then don't be shy, message me! I'm available to work with clients from around the world.


Topic contributions

So true! When I read the 80k article, it looks like I'd fit well with ops, but these are two important executive function traits that make me pretty bad at a lot of ops work. I'm great at long-term system organization/evaluation projects (hence a lot of my past ops work on databases), but day-to-day fireman stuff is awful for me.

Unfortunately, I'm not available during the time period specified, but I'm interested in hearing how this goes and whether you open up a cohort later with different timezone availability.

Interesting point about how any extinction timelines less than the length of a human life change the thresholds we should be using for neartermism as well! Thank you, Greg. I'll read what you linked.

Thank you Vasco! This seems hard to model, but worthwhile. I'll think on it.

Good to know, thanks! I've only been to EAGxNYC and EAGxBerkeley so far, so this is useful to help me calibrate.

I did feel like it was fancier than we needed it to be. I loved it, it was a great experience! But now that I know how great it is to have Listerine at conferences, I feel like I can bring my own for cheap. I'd also be happy enough to see like, instant oatmeal next to a kettle for breakfast. "Bring your own lunch/dinner," especially if the venue was down the road from a market. I'm a foodie for sure, and there is something important about showing people that vegan catering can be awesome. Good food is a big part of what turned me vegan. But it also makes me feel weird to see the EA community pampering me.

It was, however, important to me that it was in a central location. Living in Canada, any conference that I go to is probably going to be a travel situation. I don't have a license (in any country), so I wouldn't be able to rent a car if it was like, in the suburbs.

Having just gone to EAGxNYC, I'd be really alarmed if I walked into an EAG and it had higher production value than that. The chairs were so many different-but-coordinated styles. There was Listerine and contact lens fluid in the bathrooms. The soap was from a perfume house! 

Cool, thanks! My bookmarks include AAC and 80k, which you have on there, as well as Tom Wein and EA Opportunity Board mentioned by other commenters. I also have:






Edit: And to tree out even more in the vegan space, GFI's alt protein career portal includes links to the Tälist, Alt Protein Careers, and Blue Horizon job boards.

(Can't say enough how much I appreciate it when people take my words of uncertainty like "could" literally!) Indeed, in most situations I can think of, I'd prefer a quantitative model. Especially by an experienced expert! Would that it were always available. Thanks for your comment!

GiveDirectly is a great option for people who put a high value on beneficiary autonomy and are open to giving anywhere in the world! This post is more about including people in the effective giving conversation who want to give back to their own community -- maybe because they already live in one of the communities in the world with extreme poverty, or maybe because they're not all the way EA and that's just how they prefer to give.

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