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I just read Forbes' April/May issue "A New Billionaire Everyday" and it had a blurb on Sam Bankman-Fried (I haven't been able to find the blurb online, this is just Sam's bio). Unfortunately, the blurb contained some of the classic mischaracterizations of EA--that it's all about giving money, that all that matters is cost-effectiveness calculations and quantifiable effects, etc. Granted, I might have been overly sensitive to these kinds of misrepresentations, especially since I read it quickly.

This got me thinking: does EA (maybe the CEA specifically) have any kind of process for reviewing media messaging and trying to prevent these kinds of misrepresentations? I have no clue to what degree EA would be able to shape some of these descriptions, but I'd guess that Sam was contacted by Forbes for the article and was asked some questions. I'd imagine that this back-and-forth could have at least some effect on how EA is portrayed by Forbes (or whatever publication is covering it). So, I'm wondering if some kind of PR group within EA could be a useful resource when members of EA are contacted by the media (or whether this already exists).

CEA has people working on this. See, e.g. this article.

Hey all!

Here's a short page on vegan nutrition for anyone trying to learn more about it / get into veganism.

Hi all! I'm wondering how valuable joining an honors society is in terms of job searching (in general, but also for EA-specific roles). I've received invitations from the few honors societies that seem legitimate (Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi) and am weighing whether I should pay the member fee for one of them. Does anyone have any knowledge / experience with this? Thanks, Sean

What is your field? In software engineering I've never heard of an honors society being useful to anyone. In any case, I highly doubt it would be helpful when trying to network within EA, but note that most impactful roles for EAs involve networking outside of EA. 

Yeah, I'm in SE, but have been considering some additional fields as well. Thanks for the info!

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