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TL;DR: Please fill in the quick form below 

Fill in a <2min survey

If you’re reading this, you’re really likely to be the kind of person we’d love to have reached when you were new to EA ideas, and we’d love to know which YouTube channels, podcasts and/or email newsletters you especially like (or think are very high quality). 

You don’t need to ‘filter’ for channels with an educational or scientific vibe (though we love those, of course) or whether you think 80,000 Hours will want to work with them (or vice versa) — we’d love to hear about all and any channels you enjoy, whether they’re in mathematics, gaming, fitness, or musical comedy. 

So: which YouTube channels etc. do you watch? Fill in this quick form to let us know 

Thank you!

Why we’re asking

At 80,000 Hours, we’ve been putting much more resource into growing our audience (for more on that, take a look at Bella Forristal’s post about why and how we’re investing more in outreach). 

A big part of 80,000 Hours’ marketing activity over the last two years has been partnering with YouTube creators, like KurzgesagtVeritasiumElizabeth FilipsPBS Spacetime and Gotham Chess, to put our message in front of their audience. (We’ve also featured on podcasts like Ali Abdaal’s Deep Dive and Deep Questions with Cal Newport, and newsletters like James Clear’s 3-2-1 and Weekly Robotics.) 

In 2022, we asked the community for help in letting us know which videos, podcasts and newsletters you enjoy. The results of that survey have been really helpful in finding our target audience and making our outreach work more cost-effective, and so we’re here asking for your help once again — thank you! 




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I would love to see a summary of the results of this with categories!

Done ✅

Why is there no "Science" as default option under "Do you watch YouTube videos on any of these broad topics?"? 

This is just because we already know from the last survey that this is a really common topic of interest for survey respondents, so I'm especially interested in topics we haven't done as much work in (and I wanted to make the survey really lightweight!). 

I think it would still make sense to add it because I assume many people (like me) will add it manually anyway, giving you more free-text to analyze. :)

I did it!!! Although I may have listed too many channels.

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