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TL;DR Please fill in this form! (<2mins)

At 80,000 Hours, we’re trying to reach more people with our content.

One way we’ve tried doing this is by partnering with YouTube creators and getting them to talk a bit about us on their channel. You can see examples of this here, here and here.

The main question we have when doing this is ‘which YouTube creators should we partner with?’

An important consideration when answering that question is how similar their audience is to our target audience — are they likely to be the kinds of people who find 80,000 Hours’ content useful, or not?

If a YouTube creator is being watched by people who we know are in 80,000 Hours’ target audience, then that’s a pretty good indicator that their audience in general is likely to be a good fit. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely in 80,000 Hours’ target audience.

So: what YouTube creators do you watch? Whose content do you especially like, or think is very high quality?

Fill in this form to let us know!

Don’t try to filter in advance for something like ‘does 80,000 Hours want to work with this creator’ — it’d be most useful if you just tell me who you in fact watch, the more regularly the better. Thank you!

(The form also asks about other media you’re into, like podcasts you listen to, or email newsletters you receive. Info on that would be helpful too, but I’m primarily interested in YouTube right now!)

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Luke Freeman asked this same question a while ago on Facebook (EA Hangout group iirc) in a poll, have you seen this? Quite a lot of people responded there.

Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/477649789306528/posts/1061641704240664/

Thank you so much, I hadn't seen this!

Thank you for doing this. 

Even though aggregating what media forum members learn from and interact with seems obviously useful, I am surprised this hasn't been done more frequently (I have not seen a form of this nature, but only have a fractional sample of what's out there). 

I am very interested to see what you find (partially to find some new content to absorb) and hope that many people fill out this form. 

I filled out the form. It was mildly annoying to write down the channels/newsletters I regularly watched/read, since the text cursor would return to the beginning of the textbox if I went to a new tab. It's a minor problem, though. I believe this has to do with the fact that the form has "Short answer" questions, rather than the "Paragraph" question. I suggest having the latter next time, since it mean that the annoying behavior above does not occur. Also, it means that I can separate the names using line breaks, rather than using commas and spaces (which is what I did).

Thank you for the feedback - sorry you had a slightly frustrating experience!

I think this could also be a forum question and you might get more uptake.

Can I make one?

Hey Nathan,

I actually purposefully made it a post rather than a question, as it'd be most helpful for me if people filled out the form I linked rather than replying in the comments with their answers. I figured a question would encourage the latter approach.

You don't have to answer this, but why is it more useful to have results in a form rather than as upvoted answers to a question?

I guess you can easily collect answers to multiple questions through a form. You can also see correlations e.g. if people watch a certain YT channel are they also more likely to listen to a certain podcast. Plus upvotes on Forum can be strong/weak which you may not want and people may simply upvote existing options rather than adding new ones, biasing what was put up early.

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