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  • The Airtable view can filter by free text (what's your profession?), by date-published (remove very old job ads), and more. We think this alone will make searching for a job much more convenient.
  • We also built a custom version for software developers that has a few extra optimizations, which you can see here.

Elevator pitch for software developers

If you try filtering the 80k job board for “engineering”, you get 170 jobs, 75% of which are unrelated to software. This version has the other 25%.


80k graciously exposed their Airtable data (and Kush, head of the 80k job board, commented about it), so we filtered it by “software” and “developer” (plus a few more tweaks), and left it as an Airtable UI.

We have more plans for this

This is just our version after 1-2 hours of work, we’re trying to launch fast and get feedback before we keep going.



  • Added a “Add missing info” button, for things like “the website says the position is already closed”, which others can then filter by.
  • Added a filter for “this was posted in the last 12 months” by default (but you can remove it).

Do you want to make your own version?

It's really easy: Click “Use this data” on top of 80k's table or our unfiltered version (pulled from 80k).

We are very eager for feedback

Especially from people actually searching for jobs right now. DM, comment, tell us something anonymously, or anything else. We probably won’t build any feature unless someone asks for it.


Staying updated

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This was a slightly edited linkpost from the EA Tech Facebook group.




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As someone currently searching for my first job in software engineering, I found this helpful! Made it a lot quicker to find which jobs might be good fits.

Hey Yonatan,

Thanks for building this! I’m excited for people to play with the job board data and explore alternative ways of displaying it.  It’s both helpful to job board users, and it also helps the job board team prioritise which features to build next. 

(One very minor comment is that the !Org and Org fields are redundant, so you might want to just show !Orgs by default?)

Excited to see future iterations. 


TL;DR: Fixed



The original "!Org" field from the 80k Airtable is defined as "long text", which makes it take up too much space in some views, so we added an "Org" field which references the 80k field but takes up less space. I made the 80k field hidden by default now

This is great! 

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They say their board "does not feature full-time opportunities", so seems like a different niche, but still thanks, I didn't know about them

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  1. Victor is building something way better
  2. The 80k board don't plan on making it possible to tell the difference between high-impactful jobs and career-capital jobs in their job board, Niel said it "isn't feasible for various reasons unfortunately", I asked why (seems important!)

Caleb (head of EA Funds) thinks [disclaimer: quickly written] that the 80k job board has too much variance, including companies with negligible value and companies that might be actively harmful.

We are discussing possible solutions to this, such as an open job board where anyone can comment on job postings.

80k are hiring a developer for their job board, a position that I think is really important.



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