This post is from 2021, and our capacity to advise on these programs might be limited as time passes. But we'd still encourage you to let us know about your project.

TL;DR: Please let CEA's community health team know if you are running, or planning to run, an education program involving high school students in the spaces of EA, longtermism, or rationality.

We think outreach to school students might be very promising, and there seems to be an increased interest in it recently. However, working with high school students has risks that don’t occur (or occur less) with university students and adults. We think it’s worth tracking and mitigating these risks, but that it is not normally worth significantly changing, delaying, or scaling down projects because of these risks.

CEA’s community health team works to (among other things) increase the chances that people have positive experiences in the community, and that we successfully communicate EA-related ideas. So we’re hoping to learn about all of the school outreach and education projects that are running or planned. We’ll try to advise on things like

  • good practices around child protection
  • reducing reputational risks among teachers and parents
  • helping with any problems that occur.

There are other organizers doing outreach to this age group who coordinate and share ideas and advice. We’ll put you in touch with them if you’re not already connected. So please let us know if you are running, or planning to run, an EA education program targeting high school students. You can fill in this very brief (~1 minute) form, or email Catherine Low on Thank you!

If you know of other people who are running EA outreach projects, you can email Catherine, fill out the form, or comment below.




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Thank you! It's great to hear you are putting an emphasis on doing this safely.

Thank you for this! Was working on a grant project proposal for this demographic. Filled the form!

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