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Sentient AIAI Suffering.  

Biological life forms experience unequal (asymmetrical) amounts of pleasure and pain. This asymmetry is important. It's why you cannot make up for starving someone for a week by giving them food for a week. 

This is true for biological life, because a selection pressure was applied (evolution by natural selection). This selection pressure is necessitated by entropy, because it's easier to die than it is to live. Many circumstances result in death, only a narrow band of circumstances results in life. Incidentally, this is why you spend most of your life in a temperature controlled environment. 

The crux: there's no reason to think that a similar selection effect is being applied to AI models. LLMs, if they were sentient, would be equally as likely to enjoy predicting the next token as to dislike predicting the next token. 

80K podcast discussion threads.

Feature request: discussion threads on episodes of the 80k podcasts.

I consistently generate a lot of thoughts listening to the 80k pocast. I could imagine leaving these as comments, reading others thoughts, and identifying cruxes. To further steelman the need of podcast threads: the 80k podcast is the most widely consumed, indepth media produced in the EA sphere at the moment.

Episode highlights tend to be shared under this account, which might be a good place to leave thoughts.

Just FYI: feature suggestions for the Forum could also go on the Forum feature suggestion thread. (I'm not sure if this is meant to be a feature request for the Forum or for 80,000 Hours, though! If it's the latter, you might want to get in touch more directly.)

Episode highlights tend to be shared under this account, which might be a good place to leave thoughts.

That's totally it, thanks for flagging, I have not seen these previously (not sure why). 

Anyone can create a linkpost for an 80k episode. Though it might be extra convenient to have a way to automatically create a linkpost with a pre-filled summary of the linked page and a top-level comment with your thoughts.

Couldn't the comment section under the episode announcement posts (like this one) serve the same purpose? Or are you imagining a different kind of discussion thread here?

That is preciously what I am looking for. I feel a bit silly now, because I haven't noticed these previously. 

FWIW, @80000_Hours I think the formatting "[#Ep] [podcast title]" is a much better title/formatting than how they were linked previous to the last episode. 

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