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Summary: Over the past four years EA Giving Tuesday has helped direct $1.5 million in matching funds from Facebook to EA-aligned nonprofits. Facebook is once again matching donations made on November 30, 2021, and the EA Giving Tuesday team has updated, well-researched advice for donors to give them the best chance of getting matched. Join hundreds of EAs on this day to collectively direct Facebook’s matching funds toward EA-aligned organizations.


What is this about, what do I need to do?

EA Giving Tuesday has put together instructions to improve donors’ chances of directing Facebook’s matching funds to highly effective nonprofits on November 30, 2021, at 8:00 a.m. EST / 5:00 a.m. PST. To take advantage of this uncommon, counterfactual matching opportunity, please read our instructions and complete the recommended preparation steps. Please do this as early as you can, and no later than Monday, November 29


This year Facebook has increased the total matching funds to $8 million USD. As was the case in 2020, they have a two-tiered match: Facebook will match the first $2 million USD in donations at 100%, and will match the next $60 million USD in donations at 10%. Facebook covers all credit card processing fees for donations made through its platform.


Donors in the US can direct up to $20,000 USD in matching funds. Donors outside the U.S., unfortunately, face far-lower donation limits; see our FAQ for more information.


The two tiers of the match

The 100% match ran out in two seconds in 2020. It may run out even faster in 2021. In response to this year’s match terms and what we’ve learned in past years, we have a new recommendation to submit donations 3–6 seconds before the match begins (this recommendation is incorporated into our instructions, and our whitepaper explains why we recommend this). Donating quickly is especially important this year, and our updated donation simulator makes it easier to improve through practice. 


The 10% match ran out in approximately three hours in 2020. We do not know how long it will last in 2021, but it may last for one hour or more. If the challenges associated with the 100% match aren't for you, consider aiming for the 10% match instead. The 10% match may also be a good fit for some very large US donors.

How do I prepare?

To get ready for the match, we recommend that donors promptly start preparing. The preparation steps vary depending on how much you intend to donate and where you're donating from. Visit our instructions page and follow the relevant link for specific information pertaining to your donation. 


Questions? Please visit our website, read our FAQ, comment below, email us at contact@eagivingtuesday.org, or ask in our Facebook group

You can also add the event to your Google Calendar at eagiv.org/gcal.


About EA Giving Tuesday

EA Giving Tuesday, a project of Rethink Charity, supports and encourages donors and EA-aligned nonprofits to participate in Facebook’s Giving Tuesday donation matching program. Over the last four years, EA Giving Tuesday has helped direct $1.5 million in matching funds from Facebook to EA-aligned nonprofits.


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This post isn't getting much visibility, but I think it should since it's a large opportunity, e.g. potentially larger than Make a $100 donation into $200 (or more) (plausibly $500,000+ of matching funds may be directed to EA nonprofits through it).

Suggestions to edit this post in a way to get it more visibility:

  • Change the title from "It’s Time Again for Counterfactual Donation Matching on Giving Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021" to something that informs readers that the post contains the team's updated instructions on how to prepare and participate so readers click on the post, e.g.:
  1. "How to prepare for EA Giving Tuesday Donation Matching on Nov 30, 2021"
  2. "How to get your donations matched up to $20,000 on Nov 30, 2021"
  3. "EA Giving Tuesday 2021 Donation Match Instructions"
  4. "EA Giving Tuesday Instructions: $8M Donation Match on Nov 30, 2021"
  • Add the line "Over the last four years, EA Giving Tuesday has helped direct $1.5 million in matching funds from Facebook to EA-aligned nonprofits" to the beginning of the summary at the top of the post (or make some change like that) so people who aren't already familiar with Facebook's match are immediately informed that this is a large opportunity and decide to take the time to read the rest of the post.

Highlighting that even experienced participants from past years ought to prepare starting at least one day before the match since this year "Our recommendations require a PayPal account" (for donors in the United States - 100% match, donating $2,500 or more category).

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