Thanks for your participation and feedback over the last several weeks!

On Wednesday, October 17 (assuming all goes smoothly), we’ll be opening up the beta EA Forum to anyone who wants to make an account.

If there’s any content you want to keep to the smaller audience we’ve had so far, feel free to remove it now. If there’s content you’d like to repost once there are more readers on the Forum, you can remove it now and re-add it after the full launch.




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What is the time horizon in which existing content will be transferred? The current state seems confusing - I posted something on the old fora today and considered the option to post it to the new fora in parallel. This would have the disadvantage once it is merged, it would become duplicated. Posting just here also does not seems the best option, as readers are still mostly on the old fora.

I would suggest moving out of the transition period as fast as possible. Also, I do not see much benefit of public beta-testing something which is essentially LessWrong codebase.

Hi, sorry for the confusion. I agree it’s suboptimal to have the duplicated Forums, and am working as fast as I can to get it up. I think it is good to have the new Forum get tested and for people who wish to to get familiar with it before redirecting the entire Forum traffic to it. It is a fork of the LW codebase, but there are enough changes to have allowed many bugs to have been caught already. I’m aiming to have the new Forum up before Friday Nov 2nd, or the week after. I have been less good than I might have hoped at making timing predictions however, and have tried to avoid having people plan around predictions that have not proved well-calibrated. Thanks for your patience.

Hello. Good to see the new forum is up. Is it possible to post things on the beta? I can't see how I do that. If it isn't yet available, when will it be?

Yes! You should be able to post by clicking on your username in the upper right, and selecting "New Post."

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