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Optimalish capitalization/ownership table/agreements have key importance in startup earning-to-give path for the positive impact provided when scale and profitability of the enterprise grows high.
So if perhaps even just a couple of founder teams aim in the road to multi-billion( $) valuation, the expected value of providing them with legal/investment doc structuring templates or/and advice could well be worth millions( per all following years where capitalism still dominates).

Similar could be proposed for tax effectivity, but that is less stable and likely less impactful in optimizing.

Both have the drawback that they likely put the bar of raising capital higher for bridging the gap to develop their products and services.

Who should take this initiative? Charity Entrepreneurship mentioned they had some activity in Social Entrepreneurship and a positive perspective for For-profit Entrepreneurship donating 10+ % of revenues. 
These are some links with reasonable likelihood of other relevant folks:

Points of interest/content for the directing docs: 
  Buybacks aka Shares Redeemability 
  Donating policies built-in to the founding agreement/constitution

Na začátek vysvětlení: jaké bývá běžné uspořádání vs. jaké je ideální. PROČ má vyřešení vlastnictví takovou důležitost (ve 3 větách)

Přidej svou zkušenost (jak jsi to vyřešil) a návrh svého centrálního řešení

Ještě taky na začátek: 2 věty o tom, komu je článek určen (cílové skupiny čtenářů)

Dumb ways to die,
so many dumb ways to die
dumb ways to die
from super-intelligent AI.

Now as thas has been a really catchy commercial, when similar animation combined with the most discussed scenarios could steer some reasonable minds towards taking the problem seriously.

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