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Update: Due to my own change of plans for housing in 2024 and lack of other interest in coordinating this living situation, the Nomad EA House will not be happening. If you are looking for inexpensive EA co-living, please consider applying for CEELAR.

I'm excited to announce the opportunity to join the Nomadic Effective Altruism House for any duration between January 2024 and April 2024. If you're interested in being part of this unique experience, please fill out this form!

Decisions will be made on a rolling basis with the main emphasis being choosing a cohort that will be able to work and live productively together.

The final selection will be completed by November 1, 2023. 

Estimated time to complete form is 15 - 30 min


Escape the winter in the northern regions and join in an extraordinary Effective Altruism co-living community. The plan is to rent a house in a warm location with a low cost of living and tourist-friendly visa requirements. Some potential locations include Mexico City, Costa Rica, Thailand, and more.

The EA Nomad House will be more than just a living space; it will be a hub for collaboration and meaningful connections. The aim is to create an inclusive and supportive community where we can work together, learn from one another, and accelerate our impact upon the world. The vision includes weekly group dinners, weekly lightning talks, daily stand-ups, daily co-working pomodoros, circling sessions, at least one weekend hackathon, and the opportunity to host other EA nomads/couchsurfers. Additionally, it would be important to give back to the local community through some sort of meaningful service work or charitable donations.

I'm looking to gather a group of individuals who are enthusiastic about this shared experience to join a house with 5-10 rooms. If there is an abundance of qualified applicants, there is the possibility of setting up a network of houses in the same city.

Can't wait to hear from you and embark on this incredible nomadic EA adventure together!




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FYI I was intrigued by this post/concept but am thrown off that the vision is application based. I don't think this is the optimal way to get this going but I could be wrong

I think it's good to be thoughtful about who comes into a co-living community. There can be a lot of friction if it there is even one person who doesn't get along well with the others. Please feel free to start another housing community that is not application based if you want to experiment with something more open though! (We could even coordinate for the communities to be in the same city)

What alternative screening/filtering mechanism would you suggest?

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