We're excited to explore the potential of organising EA events on the continent, and we want YOUR input to shape these events. Your perspectives are crucial in understanding the community's aspirations and needs. Please take a moment to share your preferences and expectations by filling out our quick Google Form. Your insights will inform our discussions about the possibility of EA events in Africa, including a potential EAGx ,and help create an enriching and collaborative experience for all.
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Really great to see you are doing this! Thank you!

It's beyond wonderful that there is going to be an event in Africa! I'm not an EA (at least not yet) but as I understand it one of the biggest criticisms of the belief system is that it is overly focused on the Western world to the exclusion of the Global South. If Effective Altruism is to be, well, truly effective at its mission of helping people in need globally, it cannot ignore the African continent or the many peoples, nations, and languages that make it up. 

This is great!.. and one of its kind in Africa, looking forward to participating.

Mubarak from EA Nigeria, looking forward to connecting with fellow altruists in Africa. This will enable us to better put EA principles in the Africa contexts

Here from kampala, this is a wonderful idea. It will give us a chance to know each other inperson and expand the EA network across the continent.

Great, looking forward to it.

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