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The Mental Health Navigator website has been recently redesigned to be more navigable. We hope this makes it easier for everyone to find mental health resources via our website!

Key new features

Key new features include an 'About Us' page, one section for mental health resources, one section for our Advisory Service (formerly referred to as our 'consultations service' and the 'Navigation Service'), and our 'News' page. We also now have a search bar to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for on the website.

New home for the Therapists & Coaches in EA lists

While reorganizing our website, we decided to move the lists of Coaches and Therapists previously provided in their own subsection of the website to the AirTable on our Providers page. You can now filter for everyone who was on those lists by choosing "Effective Altruists" via the "Populations they specialize in working with" condition.

Our reason for making this change was to centralize lists of providers and provide a way for indicating where therapists and coaches familiar with Effective Altruism are based and what their jurisdictions of practice are, and in order to provide a place for reviews of them as well. We will therefore no longer be adding people to a Therapists & Coaches in EA list. 

However, if you would like to be added to our Providers table, please fill out this form. Please note that you cannot provide reviews for yourself, and we discourage you from asking your clients to provide reviews, as we prefer that they add reviews of their own accord.

Change of domain name

When visiting the website, you may notice a change to the domain name. We're now online as https://www.mentalhealthnavigator.co.uk/. However, https://eamentalhealthnavigator.com/ will still lead you to our website.

Contacting us

While we're still a work in progress, we welcome feedback anytime. This can be provided either through our feedback form or by reaching out to us at info@mentalhealthnavigator.co.uk .




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The website is currently down for me. Might just be a temporary issue but fyi


Hi Max, thanks for your comment! Yes the domain was down while security features were being added. It took 48 hours per change for the changes to propagate. Sorry for the inconvenience. The domain's back up and running now though! For future reference, you can always keep up with the status of our website via our LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/mentalhealthnavigator/) , Twitter (https://twitter.com/mhnavigator), and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mentalhealthnavigator/) pages :)

Hey, quick feedback:

Getting into your website, I immediately get a popup-like notification about the advisory service maybe being unavailable (I didn't ask for an advisory service, maybe this should be on the relevant page?) and another about cookies (do you use cookies on purpose?), while the rest of the site is blurred out

This is just graphics stuff I saw when entering the website though. Thanks for working on this!

Adding: +1 for using Airtable!


Hi Yonatan, thanks for your feedback! Yes both banners are intentional, and there is another banner about the Advisory Service on the Advisory Service page. I've put the banner in both places because we frequently receive enquiries about our Advisory Service and I wanted to bring attention to how to keep up with the Mental Health Navigator by mentioning our social media pages. If you click the white x, the banner will disappear and website will no longer be blurry :)

When I click on the white x, the banner doesn't disappear. It does disappear if I click above the banner, on the rest of the webpage.

Thanks for working on this website and adding the AirTable of lots of providers - I've already made use of this :)


Thanks for your feedback, Matt! Great to hear you've already made use of the site :)

FYI - I didn't read the "social media pages" part of the banner, my brain probably automatically thought "banner = ignore this" (looking back, I did read the title + first line of the banner). 

I'm sharing this because I assume it's not just me, but you could test this by watching someone browse your website, or maybe ask EA product managers if that could help (they'll probably say something smarter)


Fair fair, and I guess the cookies banner does block the social media bits. Looking at the traffic analytics for the website, and based on your's and Matt's feedback and the white x not working, I've decided to take down the Advisory Service Info banner. Thanks again for your feedback!

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