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On the automation of wisdom - 

Norman Douglas:

“There are some things you can’t learn from others. You have to pass through the fire.”

Could EA benefit from allowing more space for contemplating a response after a post goes up?

This is a post from Jason Fried who write a lot about modern work practices implemented at his company 37 signals -

He describes not encouraging instant, first impression reactions to idea pitches through flipping the communication process.  They put out long form content about the idea before the presentation so there can be more developed responses.  For posts in the forum, I feel like posts go for quick comments and that helps it rise to the frontpage and gather more comments.  Its good and bad to me and I wonder what an improvement could look like.

(Yes, I knee-jerk wrong about this after seeing the post. )

Shower thoughts:  AI has advanced its intelligence so fast by running thousands of iterations of training.  In a way, it has lived a thousand lifetimes during our human lifespan.  If each training run was one life, could that be analogous to one human life?  If AGI has a survival instinct, could that be analogous to the drive for  the survival of the human race as a species? Does that then change the way to look at control or coexistence mechanisms with AGI?

Oh, so apparently this is called the "Second Species" theory.  I'll need to read more on it.

Despite the enormous number of learning AGI has accomplished, It hasn't produced something similar to a replacement consciousness. I guess the current trajectory is useful to other areas of intelligence - but not a replacement to our human cognitive capacity.

The Atlantic article by Jacob Stern points out that there is no great analogy to capture the essence of Artificial Intelligence.  But if there was, then AI would probably just be a subcategory of that idea.  AI can be thought of as a combination of things but it is really its own category.  Perhaps the best way to put it - AI is like a Chimera with the destructiveness of Nuclear weapons, the uncontrollable virality of Social Media, the double-edged sword of Drug discovery, and the transformative power of Electricity.  It is like a lot of things but put together, it may have far reaching implications we have not begun to comprehend.

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