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Our last update brought in a few new features, including one that we’re really excited about. Here’s the scoop!


At last, the day is here!

You can now subscribe, via Forum notifications, email, or both, to any post, comment, or author. You’ll then see all replies on that post/comment, or all posts (but not comments) made by that author. (More options coming soon!)


Clicking here:


Will take you here:


By default, subscriptions will only send you notifications on the Forum. However, you can add or replace these with email notifications in your profile, under “Edit Account”:


You can also batch your notifications if you want to see updates only at certain times:

You can track your subscriptions by clicking “Manage Subscriptions” from your profile:

We hope this will make it easier to keep up with ongoing discussion and track the work of your favorite Forum authors!



You can now save your favorite posts on a personal “Bookmarks” page:

Your bookmarks are accessible on this page, or by clicking “Bookmarks” in your drop-down menu:

Experimental feature: Pingbacks

When a post has been linked to by another post on the Forum, this feature will list all such posts at the bottom of the post page. For example, here are pingbacks on this post:

This is an experimental feature. You can opt into experimental features from your account settings


This feature will now display to all users. If you see a small circle next to a Forum link, you’ll be able to hover over it to learn about the post to which it links!


Let us know if you have questions about any of these changes, or if you’d like to suggest other features that might be valuable!

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Great features, thanks!

Regarding the pingback, is it maxed at 5? Also, I see that it does not currently ping back to comments/shortform posts - which would also be useful.

I think the Pingback might be useful in two ways. First, an easier way to navigate old posts and navigate the sphere of ideas in the forum. Second, it can serve as another proxy-measure for the usefulness of a post, similar to academic citations. This should also somewhat encourage people to more thoroughly look through old posts to seek previous discussions.

Sorry I missed this! I should have used the subscription feature on the subscription announcement post. Yes, (to my surprise, tbh) it is limited at 5. I'll forward the question to the author of the feature.

The answer is that it should have had a "Load more" button. Said button would also tell you how many there are total. Thanks for the catch, nice job.

Do you have any plans on your roadmap to support tables via Markdown? I think this is my last big frustration with the EA Forum.

Currently the LW team has put in about 1.5 months of work to a whole new editor that has many additional features including tables (not requiring any markdown). Will probably be at least another month before it is ready to push.


I'm really excited about subscribing and bookmarking! Pingbacks also seem useful

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