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Thank you both for taking the time to read through our post and engage with us on this milestone! You’ve raised important questions that I’m happy to speak to briefly here.

@JWS: EACN was founded as a community-building project for consultants whose primary goal was introducing them to EA ideas. Over the years we’ve evolved into a talent development organization with a theory of change centered around helping organizations find great hires and consultants find high-impact roles. “Consultants for Impact” represents who we are and what we do, and helps us establish a broader entry point for our audience. The new brand also provides greater flexibility in messaging, tone, and visual design, which we’ve found to be quite useful. 

@Bella: We expect to evolve our thinking over the next 12 months and are currently exploring integrating insights from, eg., Ikegai and Flow Theory – hoping to land somewhere a bit more pluralistic than we had been before. We resonate with this piece by Peter Wildeford on focusing on the ideas, and are likely to continue having significant overlap with 80k/Probably Good on cause prioritization and career choice recommendations, although we may diverge in the future. Consultants for Impact’s core guiding principles, which we don’t expect to change, are included here

Thanks for the post and interested to see the results! Is EAMT considering doing a similar future project with professionals? My current sense is that we have, as a community, a far weaker model of what works for outreach and retention amount professionals than students. Feel free to reach out if you’d be interested in discussing further.