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Update 22/03/2023

The EA Creatives and Communicators Slack has merged with the EA Anywhere slack, as part of a big merger of EA slacks. You can join EA Anywhere here: https://join.slack.com/t/eavirtualmeetupgroup/shared_invite/zt-nnm9fyfp-kPS1R98d~SW5soPRcfegoQ

There are channels for creatives there such as #role-creators, #role-designers, #role-writers, #role-marketing and #role-artists. 

Also, if you're a creative or communicator within EA, it would be cool if you could fill in this form.

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Hi! I'm Emma, I'm a student at Stanford on a full time CBG for the summer. I'm very interested in EA marketing and run @dailydosenews on TikTok/Instagram, which I'm in the process of make EA-aligned. 

Wow you guys are pretty huge no? Would be interested to hear how you are thinking of going about the process of becoming more EA-aligned. 

Hi, I am Carol and I am a student at Columbia University who loves to write, interview, record podcasts and do communications/outreach. I joined Columbia EA a while back and would love to learn more about how to make a creative career EA aligned.

I would love to join the Slack!

Hi, I'm Tomer Goloboy (mathgeek2008@gmail.com). I'm working on writing a children's book teaching basic altruist principles. I'd love to join Slack to get suggestions from and network with other EA-aligned creatives! Huge thanks to Jeroen_W for creating this channel!

Hi, I'm Leo, and I am running an EA-inspired charity evaluator in China, helping Chinese donors give to the most effective charities. We have a Chinese-language blog on effective giving, where our team post effective giving-related content. May I ask to join the channel?

Hello! I'm Isaac, isaac@healthtierhens.com, Head of Logistics for Healthier Hens and currently leading the comms and marketing efforts for the org. I would love to be a part of the channel to gain insights from creatives. 

Hello! I'm Jonny, and I've just finished an MSt in Film Aesthetics at Oxford. I'm an editor and writer for a not-for-profit social impact magazine, website and podcast (www.tru.org.uk), and a media consultant / video editor for EA for Christians. I have years of experience in writing, photography, graphic design, video editing and film production, and have recently started looking for ways to combine these skills with EA.

Great idea! Thank you!! 

What if I lack communication skills and want to chat with and learn from a wonderful group of EAs who have communication skills, can I still join? Asking for a friend ;-)

Hello! I'm Alex, head of communications at Beyond Carnism. I'd love to join the channel to see what other EA-aligned nonprofits are up to, share our own projects, and network. Thank you!

Hi! My nickname is Duke as I would like to remain in some kind of an anonymous way. I have been working in the media industry for years, more into the camera department but also as a video editor. I'm really new in here and I would like to meet more EA-aligned creatives. My email is dukegartzea@gmail.com

As someone who occasionally has to hire creatives and communicators, I was very happy to see this post. Thanks for coordinating!

Do you have any thoughts on how people like me (doing operations at an EA org) can get in touch with/hire someone in this Slack workspace? This would be both for short-term jobs ("we need a flyer for this event", "we have this Zoom recording that should be edited and uploaded to YouTube", etc.)  and long-term collaborations. 

Thanks again!

Hi, I'm Jordan. Aside from my full-time studies at the moment, I do some digital marketing and copywriting. I have also worked on films and have skills in audio production. I'm keen to join the channel!

Hi, I'm a senior student at a Vietnamese high school.  Having read "Doing good better" and "80000 hours", I was astonished by EA's ideas and concepts and realized how ineffective we had been in doing volunteer over three years at school. I wish to learn more to introduce these ideas to other students. Hoping to join the channel.

Hello, I'm Jeffrey. I was an artist, then became a social activist/community organizer who gathered and organized and coached/mentored a lot of artists in Manhattan over 13 years, I'd love to join the slack. Thanks.

Hi! I'm Toby. I do a bit of writing and podcasting but would love to do some more. I'm particularly flexible at the moment for more EA projects, so I'd be very interested in joining the slack. (The idea is that you would message me with a link right? I'm not very familiar with slack). 

Hi! Great idea. I'm Megan, I work in communications at Rethink Charity and at ALLFED. I'd love to be in the group, although I don't have a lot of capacity to contribute to it over the next few months. Thanks!

Hi, i would be interested in joining the slack

My name is Vincent Söderberg, and im a non proffesional artist/writer (altough i am not very productive)

I plan to make a short story for the EA creative writing contest

Hi all! I am Matias, currently studying  Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and working as a Leadership Coach. I am currently writing a book about Leadership, and was recommended to join EA to learn more about communication. May I ask to join this channel?

Hi Matias! Did you send Jeroen_w a private message?

From the post:

How do you get in? Just send me a personal message here on the forum and introduce yourself. I won't be strict at all with accepting people. One sentence is enough. Please don't use the comment section for this as I see the comments less frequently than I see personal messages.

Hello Creatives!

I'm Zach and I'm a writer - both for work and for personal fulfillment (I have a short story newsletter). I am looking to move beyond copywriting and advertising writing career-wise, but still operate in creative ways. 

I am working through the introduction to EA group and have completed the 80,000 hours career guide - I'm getting my feet wet in terms of EA and exploring existential risks, but I'm fully invested in the philosophy and want to make an impact with my creative talents. 

I'd love to join the conversation in Slack and learn from everyone here - especially in terms of exploring new career opportunities that have a positive impact in the world. 

Hello! My name is Yusuf and I have a YouTube channel called Leveller. I'm very interested in creating video essays and Twitch streams bout effective altruism and I would love to connect!

Hey ! I'd be happy to join. I'm planning to start a blog on a wide variety of EA related topics.

I'm late to the game here but would love to join the Slack channel!

Alex Savard, NYC-based UX Designer & Design Director at GWWC

Hey, brilliant idea. I'd love to join the Slack as well. I am an entrepreneur and thinking about trying out to become a content synthesizer and would love to combine this with the most impactful topics. Please add Purpose.foundry@gmail.com Thank you!

Hi! I'm Pratik, a CS graduate student at Georgia Tech. I'm interested in a project to help creators collaborate to raise awareness on global issues and learn from each other through feedbacks and mentorship. Can you please add me to the slack channel. Would really appreciate it. My email: pratikagarwal2203@gmail.com

Hi! I'm Vasudha, a writer and communications professional. I've recently discovered EA, and would love to find work that is more EA-aligned, and learn from like-minded individuals on the Slack Channel :) I'm at vasudhasri@gmail.com. Thanks Jeroen! 

Hey, I'm Kirsten, a student in Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. I was directed to this post by evelynciara after I shared that I posted a song cover inspired by EA. Would love to join this Slack :) This is my email: kirsten.angeles@obf.ateneo.edu

Hi, I would be interested in joining the slack

My name is Maxime Causeret, and I'm a motion graphist/procedural artist.

I can help on projects if needed.

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