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TL;DR: Probably Good’s career guidance services just got a lot better! 

  • We renovated & rebranded our website – check it out and leave feedback
  • We opened applications for 1-on-1 career guidance services! Apply here
  • We published a lot more career profiles & completed our career guide
  • Meet us at EAG! Come by our organization fair booth or community office hours

What’s new?

Probably Good is a career guidance organization aiming to make impact-centered career advice more accessible to more people (you can read more about our goals, approach, and more in our about-us page). Our renovated site is a big improvement to our overall look and should provide a much better experience for readers. Updates include:

Apply for 1-on-1 career advising

Along with the new site, we also officially launched our 1-on-1 career advising service. These calls are a chance for us to help you think through your goals and plans, connect you to concrete opportunities and experts in Probably Good's focus areas, and provide ongoing consultation services. Applications are now open!

If you’re currently planning your career path or looking to make a change, we encourage you to apply. We’re also happy to work with people who are motivated to do good but are unfamiliar or less involved with EA, so feel free to share this opportunity more broadly with your network outside of the community. If you have further questions about the application process, don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@probablygood.org.

Get Involved

  • Our team will be at EAG, so if you’d like to learn more about Probably Good or chat about career advising, feel free to stop by our table at the organization fair Friday or come by community office hours on Saturday 5-6pm.
  • Apply for advising!
  • Give us feedback on the site. There are still quite a few changes we plan on making and technical quirks we’ll continue to update over the coming weeks. That said, we’d greatly appreciate any feedback on the site. To ensure that we’ll see your comments, the best way to leave feedback is through our contact form. You can also reach out directly at hello@probablygood.org.
  • Direct people who might be interested to our site. If you’re a community organizer (especially at a university or in a region outside the U.S. & U.K) we’d appreciate it if you'd spread the word about our resources & advising opportunities and let us know what further resources would be useful for your community.


Many thanks to User-Friendly for making our whole website redesign & rebranding possible! They did a great job understanding our brand & needs, and provided a new look for PG that we’re really excited about.

We also want to shout out our newest team members who helped make all these updates possible!

  • Itamar Shatz, our new Head of Growth. Itamar’s writing about applied psychology and philosophy is read by over a million people each year, and linked from places like The NY Times and TechCrunch. He has a PhD from Cambridge University, where he is an affiliated researcher and teaches quantitative research methods.
  • Thane Fowler, our new Operations Lead. Thane studied Psychology and Queer Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has since held a variety of positions in the US, Botswana, and Mexico. Before joining Probably Good he worked in business operations and program coordination in the education sector.
  • Vaishnav Sunil, our 1:1 Advising Lead. Vaishnav is part of MIT’s Sculpting Evolution group, working on global catastrophic biorisk reduction. He holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and an MBA from MIT Sloan.





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When I'm pointing people to career advising, is your one-on-one advising aimed mostly at early career people? At this point do you expect to take advisees who are mid- or late-career?

Thanks for asking, Julia. Initially, we expect to accept a pretty wide range of people, across both age/experience levels and cause areas as we're exploring how these consultations can be as impactful as possible. Having said that, we intend to use information gathered during this process, along with insights from the community & affiliate orgs around neglected segments/user groups, to inform if and how we ought to specialize.


This seems awesome!

How does Probably Good differentiate itself from 80k hours? I'd love to know your competitive advantage :)

~ Saul

Thanks for asking!

There are a few ways we distinguish ourselves, and hopefully complement 80K’s work.

  • Though the cause areas we care about are not mutually exclusive, we often focus on different cause areas (e.g. we’ve done a lot of work in global health and development, and have a talk about this work at EAG London - you’re welcome to come to the talk to hear more).
  • We aim to cater to a broader audience in terms of worldviews, geographic diversity, and educational background.
  • There are many differences in how we approach career advice, the most significant is that we are a lot more uncertain about things (as indicated by the name Probably Good) - this influences how we make recommendations, how we engage with advisees, what career paths we're open to, and more.

Finally, and most importantly, it’s worth noting that we believe that impact-focused career advice is an incredibly large and important field, so we think it's good to have multiple teams taking different approaches to it. Hence our primary drive for our work at Probably Good is not to be different from 80K (who are great and have been both an inspiration and a huge help in the creation of Probably Good), but rather to do more without necessarily trying to be similar.


Great answer! Thank you :)

Could you expand on your final bullet point please? What are the other significant differences and could you please be a bit more specific about how this changes your approach?

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