Applications for EA Global Boston are now open!

Our plan is to respond to applications within seven days of receiving them. If you haven’t heard from us by then, please check any filtered inboxes or email us at

The early bird price for Boston is $334 until April 30. We don't want cost to keep anyone away, so we plan to have plenty of financial aid available during the registration process. This is true even if you are not low-income but, for example, are prioritizing donation. Please take financial aid rather than stay home!

This event is a smaller, focused conference about pushing the frontiers of Effective Altruism. We’ll feature speakers on policy and science and explore how to think about speculative topics. Current speakers include:

Please submit additional speaker recommendations here.

Applications for EA Global San Francisco (August 11-13) will open shortly. San Francisco will be the larger, more community-focused conference. Applications for EA Global UK (October or November) will follow.

We look forward to seeing you at EA Global!




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For what it's worth, I think maybe this would be improved by some more information about the standards for application acceptance. (Apologies if that already exists somewhere that I haven't been able to find.)

[Edited to remove the word "transparency", which might have different connotations than I intended.]

For Boston, the main thing that I expect to make the difference between otherwise similar applications is whether the person is at a turning point in their studies or career, or has knowledge or experience that would likely be helpful to others who are at a turning point.

How much financial aid is offered?

If you mean "how much is an individual applicant likely to get," again, we really don't want price to keep people away. We have some discounts available right on the registration page for $20, $50, and $100 off and we ask that people let us know if they need additional assistance. We posted them and asked that people only take what they need because our ability to discount tickets is not unlimited and we want our financial aid to be able to stretch to everyone who needs it. So please let us know when you're registering how much aid you need.

Is there a deadline for filling out the application?

Our Early Bird tickets go through April 30th (and we greatly appreciate early applications). I have a call with catering tomorrow, so I should have an update on when they need our final numbers, but I'm encouraging people to get them in soon if at all possible.

  1. Are there blocks of rooms reserved at some hotel?
  2. Are there "informal" events planned for around the official event? (I.e. should everyone plan to land Thursday night and leave Sunday night or would it make sense to leave earlier/stay later?)



This font is really hard to read.

You're right. Updated. Thanks!