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Looks fun! Thanks for this. Curious about EA forum alignment methodology!

(also happy new year to the team, thanks for all your work on the forum!)

I think it looks at engagement (I assume time spent on the Forum) and the comments/posts ratio.

function getAlignment(results) {
  let goodEvil = 'neutral', lawfulChaotic = 'Neutral';
  if (results.engagementPercentile < 0.33) {
    goodEvil = 'evil'
  } else if  (results.engagementPercentile > 0.66) {
    goodEvil = 'good'
  const ratio = results.commentCount / results.postCount;
  if (ratio < 3) {
    lawfulChaotic = 'Chaotic'
  } else if  (ratio > 6) {
    lawfulChaotic = 'Lawful'
  if (lawfulChaotic == 'Neutral' && goodEvil  == 'neutral') {
    return 'True neutral'
  return lawfulChaotic + ' ' + goodEvil

Forum Team, maybe link "alignment" at to this comment rather than the Wikipedia page? (If I'd been labeled "evil" I think I'd much rather be reassured that it's for a completely irrelevant reason than linked to the D&D reference.)

For those who don't program, this is what ChatGPT says this code means:

"This code defines a function getAlignment that takes in an object called results and returns a string indicating a combination of good/evil and lawful/chaotic alignments.

The function first initializes two variables, goodEvil and lawfulChaotic, to the string 'neutral' and 'Neutral', respectively. It then checks the engagementPercentile property of the results object. If the engagement percentile is less than 0.33, goodEvil is set to the string 'evil'. If the engagement percentile is greater than 0.66, goodEvil is set to the string 'good'.

The function then calculates the ratio of commentCount to postCount in the results object, and uses this ratio to set the value of lawfulChaotic. If the ratio is less than 3, lawfulChaotic is set to 'Chaotic'. If the ratio is greater than 6, lawfulChaotic is set to 'Lawful'.

Finally, the function checks if both lawfulChaotic and goodEvil are equal to 'neutral'. If they are, the function returns the string 'True neutral'. Otherwise, it returns the concatenation of lawfulChaotic and goodEvil with a space in between."

I don't code, so I have no idea if this is accurate, so please let me know if it's off. 

I think it's accurate, but I don't know if it's clearer

Here's a shitty table that I think is clearer

Actually, ChatGPT does a decent job at that


This is arguably better than my table:

No, I think your table is substantially better than chatgpt’s because it factors out the two alignment dimensions into two spatial dimensions.

I have to squint a lot to see the sense in this mapping

I don't think it's meant to be taken seriously, just some whimsical easter egg

I'm really glad we made this. :)

Scanning through my strong upvotes & upvotes, here are things I think are really valuable (not an exhaustive list![1]), grouped in very rough categories: 

See also the Forum Digest Classics.

  1. ^

    This is literally me scanning through quickly and then using the # + [type a post name to get a hyperlinked post method to quickly insert links] method, then very roughly grouping into categories. 

    If I didn't list a post, that doesn't mean I didn't think it was great or didn't upvote it. 

I think this is under rated:

Offering FAANG-style mock interviews

not in the top forum posts of the year or anything, but I'd want it to get more exposure

Love this! I found it really valuable to be reminded of all the posts I’ve read this year and to reflect on how they’ve shaped my thinking. Big props to everyone involved in making this.

This is so awesome, much cooler than Spotify Wrapped!!

I got LG for my forum alignment - I'm guessing that that's the most common one? 

Comment if you got a different one (unless you'd rather not (I guess you could make a throwaway account so that no one judges you for being CE)).

I got neutral evil 😳


Neutral good! Which is indeed how I identify. 

I do predict  that most EAs are either lawful good or neutral good. 

Looking back on my upvotes, a surprisingly few great posts this year (< 10 if not ~5). Don't have a sense of how things were last year.

If anyone has insights about what they find themselves marking as "most important" and want to share them with me, I would love to hear more about your ideas. Our goal with this is to learn how we can encourage more of the most valuable content, and your opinion is valuable!

You can message me on the Forum or schedule time to chat here.

Suggestion: make the wrap up easily shareable. Download as a .jpg for example.

I had to make a screenshot on my phone which did not captured everything.

I really enjoy this feature. :)

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