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For people interested in subscribing to these updates, I've made a Substack here, and will probably stop cross posting to the EA Forum soon.


Main News

Last month the FTX Future Fund was announced, aiming to support ambitious projects in order to improve humanity's long-term prospects. They plan on distributing $100 million this year and potentially a lot more over time, this would put them at a similar level to Open Philanthropy who have been the largest funder of EA related projects in recent years.

You can read about their plans here and get a sense of the projects they want to fund, see what EA Forum users have suggested as potential ideas and read about their regranting program, you can also apply to be a regrantor as well.

New Projects

Meta Effective Altruism



Global Development

Animal Welfare

Existential & Catastrophic Risks

Nuclear Safety

Improving Institutions


  • Herbie Bradley with a climate change overview for the Cambridge Existential Risks Initiative summer research fellowship
  • Open Philanthropy have funded the Degrees Initiative to support research on the potential implications of solar radiation management 


Artificial Intelligence


Other Causes

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Why might you stop cross posting to the forum?

When I started I told myself that if each post gets roughly 10 votes than it's providing enough value to keep on doing, and the last month and this month have been just below that, so there seems to be declining interest, and the people that are interested can just sign up to get the updates.

I’m surprised that these posts get so few upvotes, I find them really valuable. Maybe they contain too much information that people already know about from elsewhere and so these updates are mostly interesting for the few people who want to have a particularly comprehensive overview over EA activities? 🤔

Ah. So you don't want to clog up the forum with something people aren't interested in? 

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