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CEA is excited to announce that EAGxMars will take place in October 2040.[1] We look forward to welcoming ambitious members of the community for a weekend[2] of talks, networking and civilisation-building on this relatively nearby planet.

Applications will open in 2030 to give attendees sufficient time to make their journeys physically possible. We will make a slack channel to help people coordinate on this.

Who is EAGxMars for?

EAGxMars will be a locally-organised conference designed primarily for people:

  • Familiar with the core ideas of effective altruism;
  • Interested in learning more about what to do;
  • Who can get to Mars.

What’s the difference between a “normal” EAGx and EAGxMars?

The target audience is different - EAGx events are for people comfortable with planes, trains and other parochial modes of transportation. EAGxMars is for people who are ambitious.

How much are tickets? Is there financial aid?

We will offer discounts and financial support to make sure that cost is not prohibitive for anyone. The whole thing is probably prohibitive enough as it is.

Will I need a visa?

We don’t yet have this information available.

  1. ^

    Precise dates TBC. These kinds of details aren’t top of mind for us at present.

  2. ^

    It’s possible that attendees will plan on staying for longer than a weekend, given the journey. We might organise some retreats around the event.

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I'd just like to give a shotout to the organisers for their great work!

I don't think anyone appreciates how hard running a conference can be at the best of times. But on Mars, the logistical difficulties are on another planet: the organisers have had astronomical health and safety challenges,  and don't get them started on the availability of vegan catering... 

Yep, big +1 here. I really appreciate this moonshot effort, truly ambitious.

Shall I tweet and tag Elon? (and grimes)

Sadly, I had to cancel EAGxMercury due to deconstruction work. 

Do you know approx. how many COVID-19 boosters one needs to attend?

Is that a new type of rocket? I've not heard of it but good luck.

~20, assuming trend is linear. If it's exponential, god help us all

This deadpan logistical footnote is my favorite; I actually lol’d: “ It’s possible that attendees will plan on staying for longer than a weekend, given the journey. We might organise some retreats around the event.”

Would love to know the feasibility of growing potatoes on the soil in the conference’s area just in case something goes awry

I've heard there will be a pre-event meetup to check out the soil! Pleaes check Swapcard nearer the time.

ALLFED is presenting on this, pretty sure. Make sure to fully fill out your Swapcard and tell people you’re interested in this and I’m sure they’ll be happy to have additional one on ones about the topic.

Yes, ALLFED will be there. We have the hydrogen single cell protein, glycerin, and vinegar worked out. This should give us enough time to make a balanced, palatable, vegan diet.

This is really messing with my OCD. Please rename all other EAGxs to EAGxEarth!

Will we need to email Clare whenever some new oxygen needs producing?

Yes, thanks for the heads up, I'll email nearer the time (2025 maybe)

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