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CEA Community Events Retrospective


You might like David Nash's Monthly Overload of Effective Altruism.

It has a combination of forum/EA org updates and relevant news.

I can also recommend Shakeel's Transformer newsletter for AI-specific news.

I agree that upvotes are an update that the content was useful and that might mean I'm just off here.

I guess I think relevancy or interest isn't the only thing we should be tracking; I think the forum adds value because, unlike Twitter, the posts and replies here are usually more thoughtful and more carefully investigated. To put it another way, if I just wanted relevant news and updates, I'd go to Twitter. Here, I'd hope for more commentary (e.g. "Jan has joined Anthropic. Here are some thoughts I have about this and how they might be relevant for EAs deciding which lab to join"). 

I'm not saying you personally should have done this and, again, I am grateful you made the effort to share this.

I'm grateful you shared this since it's probably interesting to the community, but flagging I'm a little nervous about the EA Forum filling up with cross-posts from X. I think that would make it less interesting and unique.

Thanks AGB (and Rasool below),

I'm looking into this. Again, it seems our language here hasn't been clear enough and I want to make sure I'm as clear as possible when I respond.

Thanks for your comment AGB, and sorry I didn’t give enough detail initially. I’ve checked with relevant people internally, and our thoughts are below.

HMRC uses "Gift Aid" (in both the form and their Adjusted Net Income page) to mean that the donation was eligible for Gift Aid in the charity’s hands. We don't have to claim Gift Aid for the donation to be eligible (and HMRC does not expect donors to confirm this).

If you donated £400 for EAG London and you’re filling out the self-assessment tax return, you would add £400 to boxes 5 and 6 of the Charitable Giving section (as a “one off” donation, because EAG London is not a regular monthly donation). The level of tax relief you receive will depend on your own income levels through the year, and this isn’t something we can comment on.

We aren’t currently planning on claiming Gift Aid on the donations to EAG London to reduce administrative overhead, but we might possibly revisit that in future years. We will take another look at our website language, as we’ve had a few people ask about Gift Aid, and so we may not have been clear enough that our decision on whether or not to claim Gift Aid does not actually impact an individual donor’s tax filing position. 

Hi Lovkush, Ollie from the CEA events team here.

We are not claiming Gift Aid on the donations which relate to EAG London this year.

However, this is separate from your own personal tax reliefs, which you can claim on your donations in your personal tax return (and which does not depend on whether Effective Ventures, our parent organisation, claims Gift Aid).

Jumping in here: this event is intended as a test for whether an EAGx in Brazil might make sense in future. EAGx events are usually larger, and CEA are more involved in supporting the teams, so we decided to distinguish this from an EAGx by using a different name for this event.

(I approved the grant from CEA for this event).

I signed up, thanks for sharing! 

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