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Hi Mariella, thanks for your comment. Indeed a lot of organizations use Benevity as donation matching provider. In some cases, we saw regranting orgs as GiveWell inclued in the list of companies eligible for donation matching. But if it is not the case, it might be possible to ask the company to add orgs to the list.

Hi Pat, thanks for your feedback, we will keep that in mind for future posts. ;)

Hi David, thanks for sharing, indeed not all companies match donations to all charities. This means that in some cases EA orgs might not be included in the list of  charities that are eligible for matching.

Thanks Pat, I will notify the developer (although I am not sure the tool was designed to work on mobile)

Hi Larks, thanks for your comment. Indeed the amounts shown are the total possible match, and the color coding is to add an additional layer of information. So e.g. if the amount shown is 100'000 USD with a ratio of 2:1, it means that if you donate 50'000 USD, the company matches 50'000 USD x 2 = 100'000 USD for a total of 150'000 USD (donation + matching). This is how it generally works, I hope this can help clarify things a bit.

Thanks Ula! Indeed we think it is a very cost-effective way for EA working professionals to multiply their impact and build some career capital in the process.

Hi Sean, thanks for your comment and your feedback. I think you are correct on both accounts, more data would definitely increase our confidence in the results even further and the distribution has a high variance due to its heavy tailed nature (which is not uncommon when looking at donations data).  Good idea also on doing statistical tests to compare distributions.

Hi Jack, thanks for your comment.  2021 was a smaller-scale pilot for HIP and we worked primarily with EAs at companies that were already in our network as well as with EAs/companies that approached us for assistance. For 2022 we hope to scale up and support more EA working professionals in running fundraising events.

Hi Nathan, indeed the scarcity of EA jobs creates a lot of frustration within the EA community as eloquently expressed by this post, and quoting the 2019 EA Survey:

“Two of the top four significant barriers to becoming more involved in EA were not enough job opportunities that seemed like a good fit for me (29%) and too hard to get an EA job (23%).”

We believe that HIP as a career path can help with that because it can allow a large number of people to have an impact.

Don’t hesitate to book a slot for a chat, we would love to hear more about your experience and see if we can be of any help.

Hi Alex, we are glad you liked it! We would love to talk to you, don’t hesitate to book a slot for a chat.

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