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Why are April Fools jokes still on the front page? On April 1st, you expect to see April Fools' posts and know you have to be extra cautious when reading strange things online. However, April 1st was 13 days ago and there are still two posts that are April Fools posts on the front page. I think it should be clarified that they are April Fools jokes so people can differentiate EA weird stuff from EA weird stuff that's a joke more easily. Sure, if you check the details you'll see that things don't add up, but we all know most people just read the title or first few paragraphs.

Thanks for raising this! For now we (mods) have marked this year's posts as "personal blog", so they shouldn't be on the frontpage anymore for most users.

I think, for next year, editing the titles after a day or having a separate section could be good ideas

Thanks! Has there been any consideration of somehow "de-aging" posts from March 30 or March 31, or serious posts from April 1, in the future? I felt that some of those got short shrift because of the influx of / activity on all the April Fools' posts. 

It is vaguely analogous to there being a server shutdown for 1-2 days, which the system doesn't account for when deciding what posts to show on the homepage. I understand hesitancy to mess with what the algorithm puts on the homepage, but with this being an annual occurrence adjustments could be done in an open and transparent manner.

It seems the forum team already did it for at least one post , and I agree it's worth considering for all posts next year

Dissenting view: like everywhere else on the internet, when you encounter something really crazy you sometimes have to look at the publication date. I trust readers can do that.

The posts do have the “April Fool’s Day” tag right at the beginning?

I think [April Fools] added to the title might be a good addition since the tag is hard to see. 

What are some examples of EA forum posts or comments that had a big influence on EA as a whole or on an EA-aligned organisation?

My first thought was to look at the various contests that have been run, since winning entries in those would be the most likely to have high impact. Not a contest exactly, but the most obvious starting place is the First Decade review, and I don’t know whether I see large changes to EA that reflect those posts. Many of them are not prescriptive posts anyway, but rather descriptive posts that captured something important.

When Open Philanthropy ran its Cause Exploration Prizes, two of the winning posts jumped out at me; on organophosphate pesticides, and violence against women and girls. The latter seems to have led The Life You Can Save to add a fund for the cause, which is a pretty large impact. I don’t have any information about the former, but the author now works at OP, and OP also launched a cause area in global public health policy that would clearly cover organophosphate pesticides, so I would speculate that that post was very influential to them.

The EA criticism and red-teaming contest had some entries that were specific to organizations, that plausibly had effects, but I wouldn’t be in a position to observe those, so I don’t know. Similarly with GiveWell’s Change our Mind contest, I’m sure those posts have had some impact, but the only one that GiveWell explicitly acknowledged was this one on deworming.

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