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The EA Oxford team (Callum and Alejandro), currently funded through Open Philanthropy’s University Group Organizer Fellowship, is applying to renew their funding for the next academic year. We’re looking for 1-2 additional organizers to join our team for the reapplication process.

Apply here to join our reapplication team by 23:59 GMT 8th June [Edited because deadline has been extended]

We will pay you a £250 referal bonus if you refer someone who ends up on the re-application team, who we have not already been in contact with about this position. You can refer someone by DMing one of us on the Forum, or getting in contact at {alejandro} {at} {eaoxford} {dot} {com}. 

[29/05  ETA in the "visa" section below details about the High Potential Individual Visa, which allows anyone who's graduated from a top-50 University in the past 5 years to work in the UK for 2 years]

About EA Oxford

Oxford has one of the longest-running effective altruism groups in the world, with recent graduates going on to work at orgs such as Open Philanthropy, Alignment Research Centre, Rethink Priorities, UK Civil Service and Longview Philanthropy. 

EA Oxford is based in Trajan House.  Our work is focussed on Oxford's student, rather than professional, community and we work alongside a student committee. 

Core competencies & responsibilities, required experience

What follows is a list of the sort of programs you might expect to own as part of the role, as well as some examples of what activities that might entail. But roles can be flexible and adapted to your particular strengths. 

  •  Weekly speaker talks, followed by a large pizza social (i.e. contacting potential speakers, promoting the talks, setting up logistics for the social)
  •  Intro Seminar Programme or In-depth Seminar Program (i.e. facilitating discussions, editing syllabusses, managing other facilitators, organising room bookings)
  • Having 1-1s with students about cause prioritisation or career planning as part of our Guides program
  •  Tabling at the freshers fair ( i.e. designing or sourcing advertising materials, organising a stall rota)
  •  Content and logistics for a community retreat
  •  Socials (e.g. board games, picnic, poker)


EA Oxford has also run some non-standard programming this year. We currently run a series of working groups, where we've helped our most engaged students get into small groups based around topics they're excited to delve into e.g. space governance, EA writing, and technical AI Safety.   

In general, we're excited about developing new products or programs where the current offering isn't working.


As such, we expect that the best applicants will be: 

  • Have strong reasoning skills and good judgement with regards to strategy and program design. 
  • Highly organised and good at project management; reliably managing multiple workflows and prioritising a range of tasks without relying on management. 
  • Very motivated and self-driven; capable of acting proactively and entrepreneurially without oversight. 
  • An excellent communicator; able to explain complex ideas to both a newer and more experienced audience. 
  • Have strong interpersonal skills; able to create positive environments for events and programmes, and facilitate social connections. 

Applicants are not expected to have professional community building experience, but some experience in organising a university group may be beneficial. We think that recent graduates may be particularly suited to these roles, although we welcome applicants from all backgrounds and career stages.

We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity, and we particularly encourage applications from women, ethnic minorities and other underrepresented groups. 



Stipend, location, part-time work, visas and start date

Our team will submit a joint application to Open Philanthropy's University Groups Organiser Fellowship, which provides a stipend of £35,800 – £55,900 per year to non-undergraduates working full-time. Part-time stipends are pro-rated. 

We are looking for someone to join our team in-person in Oxford.

We have a weak preference for people to work on EA Oxford full-time, but we're also very open to having someone on the team part-time.

The start date is somewhat flexible. Oxford term starts on the 8th October. Availability from the beginning of September is strongly preferred, but it would be more preferable to start planning together from the middle of August. 

Note that individuals who graduated from a ~top 50 University in the past 5 years can work in the UK for 2 years under a High Potential Individual Visa. See here for full eligibility details: https://www.gov.uk/high-potential-individual-visa/eligibility 


Roles and application process

We're open to having 1-2 additional people join our re-application to Open Philanthropy. Though in the scenario where we take on 2 extra people, it's extremely unlikely that we would all work full-time. 

The rest of our search process consists of a short in-person work trial in Oxford, where you'll work on some small independent community building tasks, as well as some joint tasks with the current team. The main aim of this is to see how well we all work together!  We may also interview some applicants. Afterwards, we will submit a joint application to Open Philanthropy.

We'd recommend applicants keep the dates 19th-25th June free for this work trial. But it will not harm your application if you're not free in that period. 

Note that final funding decisions will be made by Open Philanthropy. And you are welcome to apply to work on EA Oxford through the University Group Organiser Fellowship independent of the application process in this post. 

You are eligible to receive a referral bonus of £250 if you refer a candidate that ends up on the re-application team. If multiple people submit a referral for the same person who ends up on the team, the person who submitted the first referral will receive the reward.  

You can refer someone by DMing one of us on the Forum, or getting in contact at {alejandro} {at} {eaoxford} {dot} {com}

Application form

Apply here by 23:59 GMT 3rd June





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I don't help with EA Oxford any more, but I think this is a good opportunity and if you've read the whole post, that's a sign you should consider applying! I'd be v happy to frankly answer any questions you have about Oxford, EA Oxford, and the current EA Oxford team - just message me.

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