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We’d like to help applicants and hiring managers coordinate, so we’ve set up two hiring threads. 

So: consider sharing your information if you are looking for work in EA!

Please use the format below.
EDIT: If there's anything else you think might be relevant specific cause areas, full-time/part-time, when you're available, your experience with EA, what type of role you're looking for, ... please add that in the 'Notes' section.
EDIT2: Added 'Available from and until' field 

  • Location:
  • Remote:
  • Willing to relocate:
  • Skills:
  • Résumé/CV/LinkedIn:
  • Email:
  • Notes:
  • Available from and until:

See Yonatan's tips on posting more effectively, and examples of a similar format on the latest similar thread on Hacker News.
This was inspired by the talks around an EA common application, especially this comment, and the "Who wants to be hired?" and "Who's hiring?" threads from the Hacker News forum.

This thread is a test

We’re not sure how much it will help, or how we should improve future similar attempts. So if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it. (Please leave it as a comment or message us.)

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Update July 19, 2022 - I've accepted an employment offer and am currently not seeking a new role

Location: Council Bluffs, Iowa

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No


Resume: https://www.ryanbeckauthor.com/assets/resume.pdf

Email: ryooan@gmail.com


  • Cause Areas
    • Open to just about anything. I lean a little more toward global health and wellbeing but I think longtermist focuses are important too and would be happy to contribute to either.
  • Availability
    • I'd most likely be available within about two months of receiving an offer.
  • Looking for
    • I'm primarily looking for full time work, and I think I would enjoy doing anything that fits well with my skills, though I am looking mainly for something different from engineering.
    • I think I'd be a good fit for and enjoy roles that involve research, writing, and/or forecasting.
    • I'd also enjoy roles that involve coding or building tools, though I don't have a lot of formal experience with those things so I might not be as good of a fit there.
  • Experience with EA
    • I've been aware of and interested in EA for a few years, though I've only started looking into it more closely in the past few months. I'd describe myself as someone who was a lurker on the periphery of EA and is now trying to get more involved.

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions for me I'd appreciate it as well. Feel free to message me or submit feedback anonymously at this link.

Edited on June 1, 2022 to add the notes section.

Location: Canberra, Australia
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Yes
Skills: management, policy, public health and aged care
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vNGyGgPPseZrbLP1nomauZkxyh8Bg5e5/view?usp=drivesdk
Email: arunbharatula@outlook.com
Phone: +61 432 567 33
full-time, part-time or casual

Senior Software Developer: 10+ years experience, full stack including embedded, hardware, performance optimizations, and some aspects of machine learning and data science.

Ex Apple.

Engineering lead for a startup that builds autonomous drones (real time image processing), building something cutting edge that beat the Boeing team in a competition by the U.S Air Force). 

This is the person I chose to work with full time if I can, which is my way of saying "extremely good and trusted".

Open for part time work since we got an FTX grant, but, you know, it's gone. You'll get really good code while allowing us to keep working on more (in my opinion) very important things.

CV - Soof Golan

Hello! I'm Alisha, I've spent 6 years working in UK local government (+ the European Parliament) and I'm a digital comms and communications strategy geek for good causes.

Location: UK - Near Bristol/Birmingham

Remote: Yes - years of remote experience

Willing to relocate: For the right opportunity


🤖 Digital communications: Paid & organic social (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter - I wrote the handbook for one of the UK’s political parties), email marketing, online fundraising and membership recruitment/retention, and basic video editing.

✒️ Traditional comms: Press relations, messaging development and field testing, community and grassroots organising/outreach, stakeholder engagement, speech writing, consultation submission writing, public affairs, speechwriting, parliamentary monitoring.

Event organisation, casework and training and development (writing and delivering training programmes) experience.

Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/alishacmlewis

Email: Alishacmlewis@gmail.com

Available from and until: Flexible for the right opportunity

Location: NYC
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: No

About two years ago I started a consulting business https://www.typist.ai/ leveraging large language models like GPT-3 and Codex. Since then I have been building applications for other companies, including most recently, Inflection AI. I'm open to fulltime opportunities or further consulting work.
Skills: Applying large language models (LLMs) to real world problems. Fine tuning, web scraping, integrating with existing APIs, like Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, Twilio, Discord, etc 
Backend Software Engineering (I have a total of 7 YOE as a Software Engineer)
Python, AWS, Azure, Postgres
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/colemanhindes/
Email: colemanhindes+ea@gmail.com
Notes: I first got into EA from a colleague I met while working at Amazon Smile ~10 years ago

Glad you’re interested in EA! Looks like a great background for various AI and AI safety jobs. One opportunity that could be cool: https://second-bellflower-54f.notion.site/Co-Founder-for-FTX-Funded-Project-ef448c5dc3864939b919be3c79114fbf

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: To some countries in EU in the mid-term
Skills: Community Building, Operations, Consulting, Education, Leadership - all of these in cross-cultural contexts
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: nesicdusan.com is my LinkedIn, but also see my profile here
Email: work (-at-) dnesic.com
Notes: Part-time or full-time work is interesting to me, especially within cause areas concerning AI, Global Poverty and Inequality, and Education reform or Policy. I offer one free consulting session to EA firms that can benefit from my skillset.

Bryn Huxley-Reicher

Location: Boston, MA/New York, NY

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: would work in Boston, possibly NYC. Prefer remote especially as COVID continues.

Skills: Advocacy, policy and basic data research; Python using Pandas and Jupyter Lab for data analysis; writing in a variety of formats (reports, blogs, newsletters, social media); editing, proofreading and fact checking.

Issue areas: interested in technology, economics, AI, privacy, good government, energy, and climate.

Currently working as a policy analyst focused on energy, transportation and new economic issues at Frontier Group, a public interest non-profit think tank.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryn-huxley-reicher-542357150/details/featured/1635493405632/single-media-viewer/ 

Email: bhuxleyreicher@gmail.com


  • Available likely 4-6 weeks after receiving an offer
  • Interested in full time work, especially involving research, writing and/or basic coding

Location: Bristol, UK

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes, but only within Europe.

Skills: Javascript + TypeScript, ReactJS and React Native (2 years professional experience), HTML, CSS and SASS, some experience with GraphQL, NodeJs, PostgreSQL, Wordpress, PHP, Python and Django. 

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-goodman-96ab691b8/

Email: mattgoodman95@gmail.com

AMF is hiring software engineers. Our tech-stack is a bit more Microsoft-centric than your skills (using dotnet core, SQL server, ...) but I guess you could quickly pick up new skills and be effective. I came from a quite similar background as you when I joined AMF.

Location: New Jersey, USA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Likely Yes


  - Machine Learning (Python, TensorFlow, Sklearn): Familiar with creating custom NNs in Keras,  properly using packaged ML algorithms, and (mostly) knowing what to use and when. I haven’t reproduced an ML paper in full, but probably could after a decent amount of time. I am in the process of submitting a paper on ensemble learning for splice site prediction to IEEE Access (late submission). 

  - Python, R, HTML, CSS: I am competent  in Python (5 years experience), and am familiar with R, HTML, and CSS. My website: https://rodeoflagellum.github.io

  - Forecasting: Top 75 on Metaculus (rank 54). I believe I am slightly above average at making and updating forecasts. Look through my comments for some applications of time series models. 1st place FluSight Challenge (influenza forecasting)

  - Writing: Examples (many incomplete) can be found on my website. One is the essay I wrote on Forecasting Designer Babies, which placed among the top submissions in the Impactful Forecasting Prize (on EAF). I am current writing about people attitudes towards human gene-editing. 

  - Education: BA Math and Neuroscience 

Resume: Available upon request

Email: rodeoflagellum AT gmail DOT com

Further Notes:

   - Cause Areas: (presently) Longtermism / Global Priorities / X-Risk Reduction > AI Alignment > Biosecurity > Global Health and Wellbeing. I am interested in the notion of "civilizational stability and resilience", but am too unfamiliar with work in this area to comment further.

  - Availability: Likely available 1 month post-offer (July). Very likely available 2 months post-offer. 

  - Roles I'm Looking For: Full time remote research work that involves some mix of forecasting, modeling, math/statistics, tool building, and data analysis, but predominantly involves literature review and synthesis. 

  - Experience with EA: Lurker on EAF since early 2018. Helped create a student org. and lead X-risk discussions. Giving What We Can Pledge since 2021. 

Dr. David Mathers

Location: Penicuik, Scotland, United Kingdom
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Yes 
Skills: Research, especially in philosophy, forecasting.
CV: Dr. David Mathers-CV-June 2022 - Google Docs
Email: davidabm1@gmail.com

-PhD in philosophy from the University of Oxford. 
-Giving What We Can member since 2012
-Last summer as a research intern for Rethink Priorities I wrote a 50 000 word report in 4 months on a technical issue in the philosophy of mind relevant to cause priortization.
-Currently taking part in a forecasting tournament on existential risks run by Philip Tetlock and Ezra Karger. Was recruited to participate because I work as a professional forecaster for Good Judgment project.
-Currently transferring out of academia and looking for a new full-time, EA-aligned career.
-Particularly interested in research, especially, but not limited to, research that requires background in philosophy (especially consciousness-related stuff) and forecasting. But I am open to trying totally new roles as well.
-Willing to work in any EA-cause area. 
-My academic work is available here: https://independent.academia.edu/DavidMathers1

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Not at the moment

Skills: Former social science and health researcher but looking to focus more on project management and operations
- Grant writing
- Impact evaluation
- Scientifc writing and communication/knowledge translation
- Recruiting and people management
- Governance 

Email me for Resume. 

Email: stonge2j@gmail.com

Notes: Open to part-time, full-time and contracting but at a mid-senior level employee level.

Involvement with EA:
	- EA virtual
	- reading
	- mentorship programs
	- volunteering
	- applying/interviewing for roles

Interested in animal advocacy, climate change, global health and pandemic risk

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Experience with EA: researching (quantitative and qualitative research skills - experimental design, data collation and analysis, technical writing) etc,operations,campaigns ,communication and volunteering

Roles :Generalist ,research , Operations, communications , also open to a lot of other roles .

Skills: An economist,entrepreneur and generalist of over seventeen years wealth of experience, spanning finance , research ,management and operations.Very creative , pragmatic and multitasking with high level of professionalism , business and organizational development acumen and good communication skills

Résumé : https://www.dropbox.com/s/o0ymtvioncxbrxw/EAResume22W(2N).pdf?dl=0

Email: olukoyaolukayode7477@gmail.com

Availability: Anytime - Part-time and Full-time

Maybe check out the Operations Manager positions at AMF?

  • Location: Slovenia
  • Remote: Yes
  • Willing to relocate: No, but willing to travel.
  • What I want to do: EA Meta, Operations, Community Building or Contributing to a sustainable food system.
  • Skills: -Teaching, curriculum creation and behaviour change
    -Event organising & problem solving
    -Connecting people
    -Entrepreneurship (Scored high on Charity Entrepreneurs test)
    -Filming, photographing and movie making
    -Writing articles, newsletters, blogs etc
    -Cooking nutritious and tasty vegan food
  • Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qMBNLH1_yKwQDYWKyExaZUsgr1SY1cDK/view?usp=sharing
  • Email: johannes@meetingmountains.com
  • Available from and until: From the next month more or less, until indefinitely.
  • Notes: I’m 37 and have had successful careers in several different areas but this year I decided that I want to use my efforts for something altruistic, and EA fell in my lap - thankfully. In short, I want to be part of the solution, not the problem. I feel like I can make a big impact one day, but that I first need to learn a lot more and also prove myself to the community. I’m looking for a remote work opportunity (although I’ll happily travel for special events etc), ideally part time, where I get to work with people and solve problems. I’m born in Sweden and live in Slovenia, so EU based. 

    I have a project in mind for contributing to spreading the plant based diet - if you're willing to have a look and give your opinion, it would be very appreciated. E-mail privately for that please.

Location: London, UK

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes


  • Communications consulting (I started and still own a copywriting and communications company in Mexico City  https://www.contexto.studio/  https://www.linkedin.com/company/contextoestudio)
  • Strong generalist start-up/interpersonal/operations skills
  • Clear and persuasive writing (experience in journalism, consulting, and the publishing sector)
  • Research in the philosophy of the social sciences

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/merilalama/

CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xzjvJt-LwY_lcPKfVgo3lSQdxFt_64VO/view?usp=sharing

Email: merilalama@gmail.com


  • I'm thinking a lot about longtermism, but I'm willing to work in whatever field I can be most impactful.
  • I believe I'm a good fit for operations/communications/generalist jobs
  • Looking to switch full-time to something more impactful than my business. I don't care about glamour; I'm looking for impact.

Involvement with EA:  

  • I'm attending the Open Student Workshop on GPR at the GPI, Oxford.
  • Attended and volunteered in EAGxOxford and EAG London this year.
  • My master's dissertation is on a subject recommended by GPI's research agenda.
  • Involved with LSE's EA Student Society.
  • Received 1-1 advice from 80k.
  • AGI Safety Fundamentals Programme by EA Cambridge, 2022

Drop me a message if anything above sounds potentially useful; I will be glad to hear from you :)

Hi :)  I'd love to chat. My name is Kathryn and I am the CEO of Magnify Mentoring <https://www.magnifymentoring.org/>. You seem to have a strong CV and I'd be interested in learning more about your interests as I am quite frequently asked for candidate recommendations. I can be reached at kathryn@magnifymentoring.org. Many thanks! 

Location: Linköping, Sweden Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: Yes Skills:

  • Programming: deep knowledge of Python, C & C++, some experience with two dozen other languages. Git, linters, command-line debuggers.
  • Linux: hardcore user for 15 years, experience with configuring pretty much the whole OS stack. Résumé: https://github.com/jakkdl/resume/raw/main/john_litborn_resume.pdf Email: firstname [dot] lastname [at] pm.me Notes: Followed the EA space intently for a long time - took GWWC pledge in 2017, but mostly by reading blogs & listening to podcasts

Hi, would you be interested in AMF's software engineer positions? We have Python-based data analysis tasks that you might find fun, and I bet you could pick up the rest of the tech stack quickly. I came to AMF from a similar background as you (Python/C++ @ Google) and found that many of the skills translated well into the new environment.

John Litborn
Yeah not a perfect fit for my current niche, but I have no problem picking up new techs and even coded some C# in school, so I'll definitely apply!

Hello all 👋

Location: Miami, Florida
Remote: Yes, and previous experience working remotely.
Willing to relocate: Recently signed a lease agreement. Will have to stay at current location until end of July, 2023.
Skills: Data Analytics, Financial Analysis, Excel, R, Tableau, RapidMiner, Regression Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Economics, Writing, Management, Music Composition
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/isaiah-k-725922224/
Email: ikuhle@yahoo.com
Notes: My background prior to finance and economics is mostly as an artist. I was a musician and lighting engineer in local theaters and night clubs. I loved my job, but decided to look for something with more stability that was altruistic in character.
My primary interest is in economics and research. I recently applied and was accepted for a volunteer analyst role at SoGive. I am considering pursuing a PhD and doing research tying physics to economics at a fundamental level. 
My dream job is to be on a team creating a new school of economics that promotes long term stability, is integral with natural ecological systems, defeats corruption, and ameliorates poverty (Dream big, right?). A second dream job is to be on a team that creates an online platform for direct democracy and political accountability. 
Send me a message, I'd be happy to hear from you :)

Location: Germany/Guatemala

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No


  • Python, Java, R (taught by Uni course, no significant own projects)
  • Some experience in sociological/economic research
  • Education: Philosophy & Economics BA

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/florianschuck/

Email: schuck-florian@web.de


  • Looking for early career RA/PA positions
  • Open to work from 15 August 2022
  • ~1 year in Guatemala, then back to Germany

Location: New York, NY

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Availability: Starting Mid-July 2022


  • Project Management/Administrative Support
    • Worked as a program manager at a DC foreign policy think tank out of undergrad
  • GIS and some Python
    • Studied in undergrad and familiar with both proprietary and open-source platforms
  • Quick and eager learner looking for an entry level role to grow in

Cause Areas: Climate Change, Institutional Decision Making, International Relations

Interested in EA since 2016

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kurtis-weatherford-218846149/

Email: kurtweatherford@gmail.com

Elle Szabo
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Remote: Prefer in-person
Willing to relocate: Yes
Skills: Backend software engineering- have interned for NASA for robotics, most recently Microsoft for systems.
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elle-szabo/
Email: eszabo@usc.edu
Notes: I am a rising senior in college. I am seeking a full time position for next year.


Elle: I'd love to chat. My name is Kathryn and I am the CEO of Magnify Mentoring <https://www.magnifymentoring.org/>. You seem to have a strong CV and I'd be interested in learning more about your interests as I am quite frequently asked for candidate recommendations. I can be reached at kathryn@magnifymentoring.org. Many thanks! 

Location: Berlin, Germany

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Skills: Android development (2,5 years professional experience), Kotlin, Java, Android Compose, RxJava, Firebase, Flutter (1 year professional experience developing the The Life You Can Save app), Scrum Master, Jira, some experience with Javascript, Typescript, Ionic, React, Angular, HTML and other web development.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-lundberg/

Email: martin_o_lundberg@hotmail.com

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Remote: yes

Willing to relocate: yes

Skills: computer programming, databases, machine learning, statistics

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robirahman/

Email: robirahman94@gmail.com

Location: Southeast USA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Skills: I'm kind of a jack of many trades 

  • Communications
    • Ran Press advisory, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MailChimp, and Wordpress for a winning statewide primary campaign
    • Ranked website #1 on Google and Bing for target keywords
    • Donor outreach & grant writing
  • Organizing & Community Building
    • I've planned and hosted a number of local political events such as door knocking, phone banking, and friend outreach training
    • I'm currently working on organizing some phonebanks for Maxwell Frost, a candidate in an open seat who has pandemic prevention as a policy priority
  • Writing
    • Editing/wordsmithing
    • I've started writing some fiction and nonfiction stuff and I plan to share it soon. Message if you want to see samples before then.
  • Audio Production
    • Recording, editing, basic engineering
    • Audacity, Reaper, iZotope RX 8
    • I've been practicing and taking a few classes. I clean up audio a bit when I port videos to EARadio
  • Graphic Design
    • GIMP, Inkscape
  • Video editing
    • ShotCut, Adobe Premiere
  • Narration, voice acting
    • Still learning, but I've been helping create audio versions for the EA creative writing contest winners.



Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Yes
Skills: Interdisciplinary researcher, communications professional, and manager. I have held positions in multiple parts of the U.S. government (including White House), nonprofits (policy analysis, management, fundraising, campaigning) and private companies (management, consulting, sales, technical analysis), and worked within the United Nations system. I have a strong set of technology skills and learn computer & foreign languages quickly. I am experienced in quantitative analysis, project and personnel management and working with senior corporate and U.S./foreign government officials. I am a seasoned communicator, with experience in speech writing, media relations and copy editing. I have delivered hundreds of public speaking & technical presentations, interviews (newspaper, magazine, radio, podcasts, online, TV), and publications (book chapter, academic papers (including highly cited), magazine articles). I have served on ~10 boards of directors and chaired 6. I am an Army veteran.
Résumé/LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/kylegracey and https://kylebriangracey.com
Email: kyle@kylebriangracey.com
Notes: I am available to start immediately. I am particularly looking for roles in AI Safety/Alignment, and existential risk research, in that order.

Location: Moscow, Russia

Remote/relocate: +


  • Research skills, analytics
  • Building models. In a couple of startups I had the role of an "ontologist", but in the spirit of startups it actually meant I was doing a bit of everything
  • Somewhat familiar with basic frontend, python and some other languages, but never held a programming job
  • Psychology/neuroscience/pharmacology/nutrition/fitness knowledge
  • Many years of audio/video production, graphic design, but don't want it to be the main focus of the work

Email: iamgitdes@gmail.com

Notes: interested in LW/EA since ~2013, did some CFAR-type teaching for a while in Moscow, managed an AGI-mapping workshop, would like to think of myself as a fast learner

Hi there! My name is Zach Roush. Pleased to meet ya 😎

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Remote: Yes.

Willing to relocate: Not now, but sometime in the future. 


  • Content strategy
  • New hire training
  • Customer service
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Graphic design
  • Time management
  • Business development
  • Google suite
  • Mac & PC expertise
  • Salesforce
  • Community management/building
  • Networking
  • Creative strategies


Email: zroush17@gmail.com 

Notes: I am interested in a variety of cause areas, such as: Climate change, AI, global poverty and education, and global peace. I've invested many hours in studying sustainable architecture. 

I am growing more and more familiar with EA every day, and I've completed the 80K career guide as well as an "Intro to EA" cohort. I plan on applying to become a facilitator and taking the intensive course in the next few months. 

Although my career experience is in copywriting, my passion is connecting with and helping people. I am currently taking a Community Foundations course through C School; this courser is teaching me all about online communities and how to make them successful. Ideally, I'm looking for work in community-related spaces that work toward EA causes. 

That said, I'm also open to content-writing work, but as more of an editor and advisor on content. Not so much the writing. 

If you've read all this, thank you for your time and consideration. Let's chat: calendly.com/zachary_roush

Location: Northern California	
Remote:Yes or Hybrid in Bay Area
Willing to relocate: Yes
Skills:Grant Managment, Data management, Nonprofit Management, Case Management 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathan-smith-b56307b4/
Notes:Please reach out via email for a copy of my Resu

Location: Los Angeles, CA (United States)

Remote: Y

Willing to relocate: N


  • Storytelling
  • Marketing strategy
  • Content creation
  • Creative direction
  • Project management (intermediate)
  • Operations (limited)
  • Business development (limited)
  • Copywriting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Graphic design (intermediate)
  • Video editing (intermediate)
  • Website and social media management (limited)


Email: inkodachrome ( — at the dot come of — ) gmail


  • While the bulk of my background is in content and marketing, I'm also a former founder with business, operations, and sales experience. Usually hired for one role, I'm often shifted over to a generalist position that connects multiple departments and/or business areas. I'm interested in expanding my skills to include data science and coding.
  • I work well solo or in a group and love solving difficult problems!
  • Open to various cause areas with particular interest in longtermism, s-risks, civilian resilience, and global priorities.
  • Preference for a full-time position.
  • Available two weeks from offer.
  • I’m somewhat new to EA, but have done an 80,000 Hours advising session and am currently scripting a video piece for Giving What We Can.

Name: Niall McGlynn

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Willing to relocate: Yes

Summary: I am an experienced researcher and public service professional, looking to work in EA. Currently a Fellow at Johns Hopkins researching biosecurity, open to opportunities in other cause areas, especially nuclear security and international security and cooperation.



  • I have conducted structured research in the natural sciences and humanities, as well as self-guided research, including as part of my Fellowship with Johns Hopkins University on the Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Programme.

Communications, including crisis/defensive communications

  • I have spent the largest part of my career working in communications for the Department of Justice in Ireland, including writing speeches, press lines and briefings for the Prime Minister, Minister for Justice and other members of the government. I was trusted by my superiors with taking on the most difficult and controversial issues facing the government.


  • I have written articles for Irish domestic media and for Euronews, along with a scientific thesis for my undergraduate degree and two humanities theses for my masters degrees.


  • I have worked my way up from entry level clerical work to writing speeches for cabinet Ministers. As part of that journey, I have excelled in a wide variety of roles, from general admin to long-term archiving projects and high-level policy development.

General administration

  • I have organised and run events, managed offices, run archiving projects, and provided secretarial support to committees at every level of government. 



Email: mcglynn@tcd.ie


  • Cause areas: I am currently a Fellow in the biosecurity programme at Johns Hopkins. I have also worked on arms control, including autonomous weapons systems, with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, and I hold an undergraduate degree in Physics. As such, I am particularly interested in working across pandemic preparedness, AI and nuclear security, but I will consider any offer across any cause area.
  • Roles: I am open to both full and part-time remote roles, and to freelance/contract work.
  • EA: I am new to EA, and attended my first EAG in London earlier this year. I have however been working on EA-adjacent issues through my own research and my career for a number of years, particularly my recent work in arms control in the Department of Foreign Affairs. 
Location: Vermont, USA
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Yes
 - Research, especially computational and quantitative disciplines
 - Data analytics & data science. A decent theoretical and practical background in Statistical or Machine Learning--things like Support Vector Machines which were state-of-the-art ~10 years ago, theoretical grasp of e.g. neural networks but zero implementation experience.
 - Programming (web development, data science with R, scientific computation)
 	- See my website: https://tobyweed.herokuapp.com/
 - ~Math~ (undergrad degree, see CV). Undergrad thesis in the applications of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces to machine learning.
 - Scientific communication and writing
 - Website: https://tobyweed.herokuapp.com
 - CV: https://tobyweed.herokuapp.com/pics/tobyweed_CV.pdf
Email: tobyweed@gmail.com

Notes: I'm a recent math undergrad who's long had an interest in EA and existential risk. Hoping to contribute to ambitious research agendas related to AI governance, (technical) AI safety & alignment, or macrostrategy.

Oscar Galvin

Berlin, Germany

Available to work remotely and currently not willing to relocate 

Spent 3 years at a high growth tech startup. Explored different roles in people management, business development, and marketing. 

Currently doing volunteer work for CEA, GWWC, HIP in community building and communications. 

Have made it to the final stages of various hiring processes at EA Orgs* in the last 3 months. 


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oscar-galvin-633603184/


*I can provide more info here via DM

Location: Jaipur, India

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Flexible


  • Business and Financial Analysis
    • Have analysed and built 100+ social enterprise business and financial models
  • Business Advisory and consulting
    • Have worked hands-on with 24 startups in their journey from ideation/prototype to growth
  • Fundraising
    • Experience in equity fundraising from VC and Angels
    • Grant research, proposal development and submission
  • Marketing
    • User profiling
    • Market analysis
    • Social media marketing (limited)
  • Program Management
    • Managed complex multi-stakeholder programs
    • Managed national level events with 1,000+ attendees

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/niti1/

Email: nitinlahotijobs@gmail.com


  • Cause Areas
    • While I am open to all cause areas but in particular I am eager to contribute towards factory farming and global poverty.
  • Availability
    • I am available on 10-15 days notice.
  • Looking for
    • I am looking for roles in startup EA organizations where I can contribute in all the aspects
    • I am open for client facing roles i.e. fundraising, marketing, partnerships
    • I would be a good fit to a role which requires some research and strategy aspect
    • I am open for part-time, full-time or consulting role
    • I am new to EA hence I am open to entry level roles as well
  • Experience with EA
    • I have started following EA recently. Currently reading ‘Doing Good Better’ and trying to alter my career to have maximum impact.

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Skills: Self-taught knowledge, inter-disciplinary research and foundational writings in the fields of Psychology, Philosophy, Biology, History, Pedagogy, and Neuroscience; Thematic syllabi design following criteria for education for capability (Royal Society of Arts, 1980); Roadmap design and logistical analyses of feasibility of conceptual technologies, philanthropic services and project development.

CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12BRsJLlr67JxPyJ_eaYzbKUBrzoddLXY/view?usp=sharing

Email: rstewart38@qub.ac.uk

Notes: Full-time or part time work. Available to start immediately in a role. Looking primarily for research opportunities in longtermism, x-risk, policy or the intersections between disciplines. Open to a variety of other roles, such as a generalist, operations, or personal assistant that would allow me to develop and upskill while contributing to the work done by an affiliated organisation/institute.

Further, seeking the opportunity to translate independent research and writings on a variety of subjects (see below) into publishable papers and further academic credentials, or by having them reviewed by established researchers/ field experts for collaborative development to build a professional portfolio and furthering inter-disciplinary familiarity. 

The following is a list of some of the research and projects I've been developing over the past few years. If you wish to discuss any of these further, please reach out and I will make myself available: 

The development of knowledge, culture and technology across human species, including breaching the previous language barriers between these species;

Long-term technological advancement and bridging requirements, including analyses on feasibility;

Climate change solutions and eco-restorative culture building;

Rural mental health and psycho-ecological contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals;

Educational reform, including university level education innovations and multi-disciplinary thematic syllabi creation such as: 'climate resilience, renewable technologies and eco-restorative research'; 'The origin, development, and future of knowledge acquisition'; and 'Sustainable Development Goals: Innovation, development and delivery'. ;

An Academic Preparation Programme for inter-disciplinary scholars, including the criteria for education for capability;

The "Young Species Theory" as a contribution surrounding the Fermi Paradox;

Developing a solutions-based framework for existential risk management;

"Civilisational Architecture" as a field, to create a body of knowledge to contribute towards, and learn from, that motivates us towards species-wide cooperation and the development of philanthropic routes and roadmaps to bring our future potential closer to our present; and,

The evolution and future of consciousness, including developing a neuroscientific explanation and investigation into the forms and functions of consciousness across species, including  willed improvement of the self (body and mind) and its potential across generations or evolutionary deep time for novel capabilities.

Location: Athens, Greece
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Yes
Skills: Forecasting, Political Risk, Strategic Intelligence Analysis, Strategic Foresight, Wargaming, Policy Design & Analysis, Strategic Communications, Public Affairs, Advocacy, Investigations, Negotiations
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickmoulios/
Email: nickmoulios@gmail.com
Cause Areas : Strategic Technologies & Trade, Biosecurity & Biodefence, Information Security, Nuclear Security & Negotiations, Arms Control, Risk Consulting, Policy Development & Reform  

EA Activities: Interested in EA since 2020, 4 EAG(x)s, 200+ hrs of studying, 2 (pro) forecasting tournaments 

Availability: 15days post-offer

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel and Toronto, Canada

Remote: Possibly

Willing to relocate: Yes

Skills: Mechanical/Mechatronics engineer with around 6 years of practical experience (both in university and in industry). I've lead a 30 person team for 2 years at university, with some of the work being teaching oriented which I really enjoyed. I can do Operations related tasks fairly easily and enjoy it, though I do prefer a more creative problem solving type of work. I am good at writing - for example guide documents. I've also done some Sponsor relations work.

Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ariel-gil/ Email: g.ariel22@gmail.com Notes: I am available in 2 months, though I had originally planned on going on a long international trip. I would be happy to do some small part-time gigs in my travels (will be in Europe end of August for 2-3 months, and then in Toronto and San Francisco for a bit after, then south America for a few more months). An Interesting enough opportunity might change my travel plans :)

Location: San Francisco, CA
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Yes
Skills: Corporate Communications, Executive Communications, Strategic Communications, Internal Communications, Video Production, Social Media Content Production, Public Speaking, Writing, Editing, and Event Production
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandra-williams2022/
Email: alexandramcwilliams@gmail.com
Notes: Interested in lending my skills to organizations in the fields of public health, freedom of speech, and refugees or museums and educational institutions. 

Location: West Coast, USA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Skills: Management and Operations

  • Recruitment, training, development, and management of staff and volunteers.
  • Fundraising and multi-stakeholder budget management.
  • Public policy campaign strategy development.
  • Public policy messaging and communications.
  • Planning and directing winning field campaigns (canvassing, phone banking, signature gathering).
  • Technical background: undergrad degree in Computer Science, web development experience.

Resume: https://bit.ly/lrgresume

Email: lrgutterman@gmail.com


  • Cause Areas
    • Most excited about existential risk and longtermism. Technology policy, AI-Alignment, Biosecurity.
  • Roles:
    • Generalist, operations, public policy , people management
  • Availability
    • October/November


Hi Lucas! If you're still looking, you might consider applying for the Deputy Director position at the Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative. Let me know if you have any questions.

Location: So Cal, USA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No


- Writing

- Research

- Project Management

- Premium mediocre pythonic data science stack

- Forging order out of the fires of chaotic existence

Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: drop me a line if interested in seeing such 




I'd be particularly interested on issues related to existential risk and within that climate change. Here is a letter I wrote to my great grandkids great grandkids on that topic.


Here is a piece of writing that I did that highlights my philosophy of project management.


Here is a CA based water data analytics NGO that I helped launch: theCaDC.org

Location: Sydney, Australia
Remote: Yes!
Willing to relocate: No until 2024, after than mostly anyhow
Skills: Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology, Computer Science, Policy writing, Operations, PA, Generalist, Community Building at commuter universities
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chelsea-qx-liang/ 
Email: chelseaqxliang AT gmail.com
Notes: Interested in the biosecurity space, looking for opportunities to do more policy work. EA references on request.

Hi there! I would love to connect :) I am the CEO of Magnify Mentoring -I am over at kathryn@magnifymentoring.org. Thank you! 

Location: Istanbul, Turkey (previously Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Yes
   Machine learning (MLSS, online course, self-study)
   Software Developement (15+ years professionally): C#, C, Python, SQL, Azure, JS/HTML/etc., Algorithms, Design, etc.
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/artkpv/
Email: artyomkarpov at gmail dot com
Notes: Interested in AI Safety, GPR, cybersecurity, earning to give. Participated in EA Intro group. Took a career couching from 80K hours. 

Location: Eugene, OR
Remote: OK
Willing to relocate: Yes
Skills: Data science, machine learning, visualization, neuroimaging, survey design, research
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fR9cKbCY8HLFmKdxf-o5ujBmQc7Pqzhdzq2We5PyJVo/edit
Email: benjsmith@gmail.com
Notes: Interested in AGI Safety
Location: Barcelona
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Possibly
Skills: Biomedical research, literature review, generalist research, project management, data analytics/science (medium level), basic/medium level Python and R, languages: English, Spanish, German
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kadrireis/
Email: onikka (at) gmail 
Notes: Interests: Biosecurity, dual-use research, pandemics (&preparedness), preventive medicine, epidemiology

Event Coordinator

Location: NC, USA
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: No

  • Event Planning
    • Specialize in B2B, corporate and international event organization such as exhibitions, conferences and roadshows. 
  • Customer Relations
    • Acted as primary logistics contact for 400 exhibitors across TOC Events International Portfolio. 
    • Led event inquiries from start to finish, identified client needs and created proposals at Merchant Taylor's Hall
  • Vendor Management
    • Delivered marketing projects such as event guides and brochures working closely with digital designers and publishing companies. 
    • Assisted and coordinated projects for internal teams such as sales, marketing and catering. 
  • Worked as a freelance digital designer for the Star Wars Crew Wrapping Party organized by Atom Events
  • Master of Arts in Events Design and Management with Distinction from Westminster University, London, UK. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oxana-dudchenko/

Email:  oxana.dudchenko@gmail.com


  • Availability
    • I would be available within two - three weeks of receiving an offer.
  • Looking for
    • I am looking for a remote full-time position as an Event Coordinator, preferably EST zone. I do not require a visa or work permission for working in the USA.
    • I am looking for a company where I can make an immediate impact and contribute to green/sustainable practices.

Location: Poland
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Maybe
Skills: data & business analysis related, but I would call myself a generalist, able to learn various skills

  • Data skills:
    • Viz & BI tools like Tableau or PowerBI
    • DWHs and ETLs
    • Python Webscraping and APIs
    • Basic ML in Python and R
    • Basic Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Web Analytics:
    • Google Analytics & Tag Manager
    • custom JS & Python first party tracking
  • Business Analysis
    • Jira, Asana, etc.
    • Agile & Scrum
    • Team and Project Management
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Graphic & UI design
  • Intermediate German, Basic Spanish & Russian


Specific cause areas I'm interested in - AI Safety & Biosecurity - but I could easily work on something else.

What type of roles I'm looking for - IT / entrepreneurship related.

My experience with EA - heard about it few years ago, read a lot (mostly 80000hours) in Feb 2020, active member of EA Poland since Nov 2021.

My current salary is ~34k EUR.

Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Email: jakub.k.nowak@protonmail.com 

Intermediary German, Basic Spanish & Russian

Intermediate, not intermediary.

Thanks! Shouldn't write that in a hurry - that's why I didn't add Proficient English 😅

[Updated w/ an expression of interest]

  • Location: UK
  • Remote: Yes (NZ, UK, or US visa sponsorship required)
  • Willing to relocate: within NZ, UK, or US
  • Skills:
    • agile software product development
    • effective learning
    • copy editing & proof reading; UX; process improvement; documentation; onboarding & mentoring; literature review; office & productivity software; troubleshooting; Linux; software development; Scrum; digital photography; etc.
    • aspiring EA since 2014 🖤
  • Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: LinkedIn
  • Email: see here
  • Notes:
    • Expression of interest
      • [urgent] Looking for a UK org willing to visa sponsor me for a joint project w/ a longterm- and suffering- focused EA org (they think I'm not replaceable for the role)
    • Otherwise, I'm looking for growing career capital for social entrepreneurship. Thus I'm most interested in operations, grant writing, research, and other roles relevant for founding & operating an EA nonprofit.
      • I'm not interested in (purely) software development roles.
    • part-time preferred (I'd volunteer the rest of my work time for one particular EA org.)
    • Cause areas that I'm most interested in:
      • non-human animal suffering; eradication of (extreme) suffering; meta EA incl. cause prioritization and improving research quality
  • Available from: 3-4 weeks after accepting a job offer

Just providing positive feedback:

EA seems like an awesome organisation, this is my first time interacting with you guys and from what I have seen your values are really wholesome and well aligned. The calibre of applicants here is incredible and I'm going to refer here when optimising my CV.

I have a bachelors in psych science/criminal law, currently doing a masters in IT. I communicate technical concepts to laypeople/engineers/execs and make large automated systems legible and easy to use.

Always happy to provide more feedback: danielnobelium@gmail.com

  • Location: Haifa, Israel
  • Remote: Yes
  • Willing to relocate: probably
    • Citizen of EU country
    • Relocating for a short period (few months) is OK for sure
  • Skills:
    • Mathematics + theoretic ML
      • About to complete my MSc
        • Thesis on using online learning for RL
      • Won prizes in international math olympiads
    • Algorithms + programming
      • ~4 years experience as a software developer. Worked on:
        • Embedded systems
        • Simulator
      • python, C, matlab, fortran, C++, bash, ...
    • Teaching
  • CV: link
  • LinkedIn: link
  • Email: see CV or ask in a private message
  • Notes:
    • Looking for partial time work (50%) due to chronic illness
    • Possible roles:
      • Theoretical research
      • Algorithm developer
      • Software developer
      • Data science
      • But I'm open to try other types of roles
    • Internships, fellowships and other short term projects especially welcome
    • Cause areas:
      • Aiming for AI alignment/safety/governance/policy
      • But also open to trying out others, for example:
        • Global health and development
        • Climate change
        • Communication
      • Currently not interested in forecasting
  • Available from and until:
    • From September 2022
    • I may leave to start a PhD in ~October 2023, but this isn't set in stone

Location: Currently living in Cape Town, but have a preference for moving to the UK

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes (mostly)

Experience: I've done a fair bit of EA community building and am leaning towards roles in the meta-EA space. I have also done research for an EA org and communications/marketing in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Skills: Very people-oriented. I love leading groups and engaging in difficult conversation. I also think I write pretty well (I'll hopefully have more public evidence of this soon). I'm an unapologetic generalist with the confidence to try almost anything.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordan-pieters/ 

Email: jordanpieters@gmail.com

Availability: preference for full-time

Notes: I can provide references if needed

Location: Prague, Czechia (+ visiting Berlin/London/...)
Remote: yes
Willing to relocate: no
Skills: web development, data migrations, general programming, management of small teams, collaboration with scientists (vaccines, astrophysics, ...)
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://peter.hozak.info
Email: peter@hozak.info

In 2022, I will be collaborate part-time on stuff from http://plex.ventures, phasing out corporate work... Open to longterm(ist) opportunities in the future.

Location: Halifax, Canada

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

- Tech: JavaScript/TypeScript, CSS, React, React Native, Node, Go, Rust
- Writing: Ex. https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/7hFeMWC6Y5eaSixbD/100-tips-for-a-better-life. Also see https://conorbarnes.com/blog

Resume: Portfolio with resume link! https://conorbarnes.com/work

Email: conorbarnes93@gmail.com

- Preferably full-time.

- Cause neutral.

- Availability: Anytime!

- Role: Web dev / software engineering

- EA Background: 
-- Following since 2015.
-- Giving What We Can pledge since 2019.
-- 1Day Sooner (pre-)volunteer 2020.
-- Wrote an EA novella in 2021.
-- Now working on nascent EA / Rationalist group in Halifax. 

Location: Toronto, Canada
Remote: Yep
Willing to relocate: Maybe!
Skills: web programming (9 years), agile development, writing, illustration, resaerch
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/l-koren-25893152/ (linkedin is out of date, resume available on request)
Email: liav dot koren gmail

Hi! I'm now working as a freelance writer and editor, mostly for people in the EA community. I can help you get out those Forum posts that have been languishing in your drafts, or articulate ideas that are bouncing around your head. If you're interested, email me at ambace@gmail.com, or book a quick chat in my Calendly.

  • Location: London
  • Remote: Yes
  • Willing to relocate: Probably not - I'd consider places near London, or temporary relocations further afield.
  • Skills: writing, editing (samples below); research (non-quantitative); teaching
  • CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SAe5pKUANrdncE5vAFJBzqZ5m8S2hDlR/view?usp=sharing
  • Email: ambace@gmail.com
  • Notes: I'm mainly looking for freelance working writing or editing individual projects, but I'd consider an ongoing full-time or part-time role if it was an excellent fit. 
  • Available from and until: from now, indefinitely 

    Here are some writing samples: 

    A few of the posts that I’ve written for and with others.

Strange love - Developing empathy with intention
Edo Arad

Four reasons I find AI safety emotionally compelling
Kat Woods

Impact markets: A funding mechanism for speculative work
Dawn Drescher

Understand how other people think: a theory of worldviews
Spencer Greenberg

More posts are here

Personal writing

My own posts

How hard should you dodge motivated reasoning?

Other people’s morals should challenge us

Pilaster arguments

Describe conflicts anonymously

More blogs here

Hi Amber, this post was meant to be May - September, so I'm afraid not many people will see it :(

I don't know of a better place to post this, but keep in mind that it's unlikely you'll get any views here.

Amber Dawn
Thanks! Do you plan to make a new thread for November+? It seems like a good idea. 
Yonatan Cale
I also posted something recently here, And if there's a new post (which I'd encourage!), I have a few opinions on things to maybe improve (though I think the current version is really good, this is not a complaint)
Lorenzo Buonanno🔸
Hey Yonatan! Please share them! The forum team is working on these things afaik (even if mostly on the job ads side)
Dominic Molinari
Also commenting to see if there are plans to create a new "Who wants to be hired?" thread - as I think it could be very beneficial to job-seekers like me!
Lorenzo Buonanno🔸
I don't know of any immediate plans, maybe we can make a post but not pin it? Of the 46 people that replied to me from this thread, 4 found something, but  - one was a short-term collaboration  - one gives a 70% chance they would have been contacted anyway, he had already met the employer at a conference  - one was both a short-term collaboration, and they don't think they were contacted because of this thread  - one was a three-month contract And 10 people found an EA job through other means:  - One from an org they were volunteering at  - One from posting in an EA Facebook group  - One after applying to various org following an 80k 1-1 advice session  I think most of the others were the results of directly applying to things, so I would recommend the approach in When in doubt, apply .

Hey everyone,

Since I can't find an October thread, I'm posting here.

I'm a Berlin (Germany) based IT freelancer looking for innovative and impactful projects. My work so far has mostly been with corporate clients, and I'd like to change that.

My background is in mathematics (finance), but I've been working as an IT consultant and software engineer for the last 5 years.

There are no hard constraints on duration and workload from my side, my current client is happy to book any vacancies.

I haven't made them any promises for 2023 yet, but that will change by the end of November. Please contact me soon if you are interested!

Top skills: C#, .NET, Azure DevOps, msg.PM, Oracle SQL, Angular

Feel free to contact me here, via Email or LinkedIn.

CV / Profile: https://cv.martinmilbradt.de/

Hi! I'm Francisco, a 2x founder, ML researcher, and software engineer looking to learn from an AI-safety-minded team that will let me combine my academic ML studies with software engineering to support research or a system in production. I'm sure I can help any team ship with my generalist skills and pragmatism inherited from handling operations myself in the companies I started.

Beyond ML roles, I am also excited about working on systems that improve the internet (as you would at e.g. Protocol Labs, or Mozilla) and I am passionate about tools-for-thought and PKM (e.g. Roam, Notion, Obsidian).

Location: Berlin, Germany

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No but will travel


  • Software engineering: Web, Python, Typescript, Clojure, other langs
  • Machine Learning: research, reinforcement learning (RLlib, Pytorch, Tensorflow), complex networks
  • Personal knowledge management and tools-for-thought (using and building them)
  • Sensemaking in operations: running 2 start-ups


Email: frsc@campus.ul.pt


Available from and until: flexible

Location: Boston, MA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No


  • Software engineering/web development. I did a coding bootcamp a few months ago, where I got experience building full-stack projects with the MongoDB/Express/Node stack and with React and Django. I'm currently focusing on learning React more deeply.
  • Previously, I was a philosophy professor, so I also have experience with research, writing, and teaching.


Email: alex.dietz@gmail.com

Available: Immediately

Location: Oslo, Norway

Remote: Yes, but prefer on-premise

Willing to relocate: Yes


  • Project management and product ownership: Four years experience with managing digital products for banking and finance in the Nordics.
  • EA community building and leadership: Six years experience with leading and breaking new ground on effective altruism community-building efforts in a university context (~35 members) and at the national level (~200 members) in Norway.
  • Technical aptitude: As a researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology I wrote a model in MATLAB and Python, which I had learnt through online courses outside my regular course work at university. In my current position I contribute significantly to technical specifications, write database query scripts, and design and test API endpoints.

Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J8FLqnf5KEX3qiNhOon3QbtyCTKkhGEN/view?usp=sharing

Email: ringvold (at) skiff (dot) com


  • Cause areas
    • I want to help the largest number of people I can in a longtermist perspective. I think my current experience best fits something within AI alignment/safety or EA community building, but I’m pretty flexible and open to other opportunities.
  • Full-time
    • Yes.
  • Availability
    • 3-4 months after receiving an offer. (I have a three month notice period in my current position, counted from the first of the next month after the notice is handed in.)
  • Experience with EA
    • Since 2014. I have been a part of building the EA community in Norway and have read most of the relevant books.
  • Looking for
    • What's important to me to thrive personally is to have dynamic and evolving tasks/responsibilities at work and to work with collaborative and intellectually rigorous people.
Location: Unfixed - currently in France but travelling indefinitely and willing / happy to relocate
Remote: Happy to work remotely (previous experience with the same)
Willing to relocate: Yes
Skills: medicine, health care, mental health, research and analysis, advocacy, writing, editing, publication (see in Notes re my perceived fit for other general roles)
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/holly-kristensen-663b33190/ (can email my resume to you but it is essentially distilled on linkedin)
Email: hollydkristensen@gmail.com

Medic from Australia who has taken an indefinite step back from clinical medicine, with a view to pursuing higher impact opportunities. Rlocated from Australia for now (currently floating around Europe).

Essentially willing and able to donate my skills / time in a remote sense or in a particular location for the right opportunity. I’m in the position where I could take or leave employment, I'm mostly motivated by the right experience / opportunity, whether that is paid or not. Well-placed for any remote work but similarly flexible in relocating for the right opportunity. 

Background in medicine, science and research, so plenty of relevant experience in research in general as well as more niche experience in health care. Studying a masters of bioethics. Various previous mental health advocacy roles. Limited background with writing / editing, having worked as an editor for a website prior and really interested in broadening my writing and journalism skills.

I think I could also be a really good fit for more general roles like operations / community building / stakeholder engagement, although these are untested hunches. I’ve also had previous on the ground roles in low and middle income countries, so I’d be willing and happy to do any sort of more direct roles (ie ops / community liaison etc) for any EA, should this be useful / needed. 

Interest in many cause areas but specifically global health and development / global mental health / climate change / AI ethics (particular the ethics of human interface with and use of AI tools).

If you or anybody you know think I could be a good niche or general fit for your project / organisation and want some help, let me know! 

Maybe come work with me at CE! It's fun and impactful and challenging: https://www.charityentrepreneurship.com/research-analyst

(Here's the team: https://youtu.be/51kOKmkAZg4)

Holly K
I hope to! ;) I have an application in for the RA position at the moment - fingers crossed!

Name: Makayla Alderson Fox

Executive Assistant for the last 3 years. Currently supporting 7 firm partners (6 remotely), and 3 teams across 3 states. I have worked on federal and state-level political campaigns.

Location: Wichita, Kansas, United States

Remote: Preferred

Willing to relocate: For the right opportunity.

Skills: Detail-orientated, problem-solving, travel and expense management, scheduling, time management, community development, organizing, event planning, office administration, project management, as well as, event, email, and social media marketing.

Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/makaylaafox

Email: aldersonmakayla@gmail.com

Notes: I have a strong work ethic for causes I am passionate about. I want to dedicate my time and effort to organizations that fit the effective altruism and/or longtermism models.

I am looking for a full-time, remote position.

I am looking for positions in administration, organizing, operations, communications, and programs.

Available from and until: Available 2 weeks after an offer is provided.

Hi, my name is Alix.

I graduated from ETH Zürich and Ecole Polytechnique (France) with a Biomedical Engineering MSc in 2021. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. focused on the gut microbiota: I am not actively looking for a job, but would very much like to find something much more impactful than what I am doing right now.

  • Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Remote: yes
  • Willing to relocate: no
  • Skills:
    • biomedical engineering, tissue engineering, biomechanics/mechanobiology
    • computer science (Python, Jupyter, git)
    • community building
  • Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alix-pham-b8280713b/
  • Email: alix.kl.pham@gmail.com
  • Notes: 
    • I am interested in alternative proteins (plant-based meat, fermentation, cultivated meat), global health, biosecurity, global priorities research, and community building.
    • Looking for a full-time job
    • I am part of the EA Lausanne committee and have taken part in the Stanford Existential Risk Initiative 2021 Summer Research Program; I have been quite active in the EA space since I joined in February 2021.
  • Available from and until: anytime, from 1 to 3 months after receiving an offer depending on part-time possibilities.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Remote: My ideal is a hybrid environment but fully remote or fully onsite are both OK.

Willing to relocate: Hesitant, but will for the right opportunity


  • People Management
    • Hiring & Onboarding, Scoping responsibilities, Performance management, Culture setting, Coaching, Offsites
    • Being a manager has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I love thinking about how to set people up for success.
  • Product/Program Management
    • Managing ambiguity, Software development, Vision articulation, Prioritization, Interviewing, Roadmapping, Agile Development, Goals & Metrics development
    • My experience running an R&D team could be characterized as part engineering manager, part product manager for speculative/risky projects. My strengths are more PM leaning.
  • Technical Communication
    • Researching technical topics, building mental models for how things work, distilling complexity, bridging technical and non-technical people
    • Public speaking to a wide variety of audiences, from keynotes to conferences to marketing videos
  • Creative

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/morganfabian/

Email: morganjfabian@gmail.com

  • I have experience leading an applied AI research team. I am hesitant to put "AI" as a skill in the EA community given I do not imagine myself going into technical research, but would like to mention it as an area I have broad based understanding of.
  • I'd be especially interested to work on AI safety or Global Priorities research related to the longer term future. In addition to x-risks, I am keen to look at areas within AI that concern equity and protecting human rights.

Available: Immediately

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Remote: Yes
  • Willing to relocate: Yes, preferably UK. 
  • Skills: Software Development (R, Python), Computational Biology (Proteomics), DevOps (CI/CD, AWS, Azure), Data Science, Writing, Research
  • Résumé/CV/LinkedIn:
  • Email: joseph.i.bloom@gmail.com
  • Notes:
    • Cause Area: X-risk. 
      • I  suspect I might have the most traction likely in Bio (maybe early pandemic detection, could retrain for NGS, or co-found a project needing a bridge between bio and tech stacks). 
      • Might also be useful in an alignment org (devOps, MLOps)
    • I'm on an FTX Future Fund Re-grant to find a role/org. Lots of time to upskill/retrain. Very willing if there’s a good argument for something adjacent to my skill set that is highly valuable. 
    • Education: Bachelors Double degree in Computational Biology and Statistics and Stochastic Processes. 
  • Available from and until: ASAP, for the foreseeable future.

Questions, feedback, advice or suggestions? Feel free to email me or provide anonymously here: https://www.admonymous.co/jbloomaus.

Trevor Breen

  • Location: Edmonton, Canada
  • Remote: Yes
  • Willing to relocate: Yes
  • Skills: 
    - Data Analysis:  4 years of experience with Classical modelling (MLE, Fixed Effect Regression, etc), and Supervised Learning in Python, some R. Proficient with Numpy, Pandas, and SkLearn, and Matplotlib libraries. Basic knowledge of SQL, HTML and Javascript.
    - Research:  Top dissertation in program - MSc Environmental Economics and Climate Change (2018)
  • Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trevor-breen-286ba6125/
  • Email: tbreen@ualberta.ca

    Cause Areas:
    • I'm primarily interested in doing research on Climate Policy, AI safety, or AI ethics. I'm also open to anything X-risk related or related to animal welfare.
  • Looking for:
    • I'm looking for full-time work, although I would consider working part-time as well. I would be a good fit for roles that involve data analysis, persuasive writing, modelling, or research.
    • My technical experience using neural networks and transformers is limited, but I am taking courses and working on projects in my spare time to develop those skills.
  • EA Involvement:
    • I've been following the 80,000 Hours and Future of Life Institute podcast for a few years and donate via GiveWell. I'm broadly convinced by the arguments for longtermism. 
  • Available: from September 2022 onward.

Location: Washington, DC
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: No
Part vs. full-time: Preferably part-time (see notes)

  • Open-source research/analysis, especially policy research.
  • Spreadsheets (much higher proficiency than the average person; minimal experience with VBA coding)
  • Data analysis (mainly via spreadsheets) + general quantitative literacy. (I have some limited experience with SPSS through a class and with Python/Pandas for part of a job, but am otherwise not familiar with using statistical software)
  • Russian language: rusty and sub-professional, but >6 years of college-level courses and a semester in Moscow. (Just in case this is somehow relevant?)

Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/harrison-durland/ 
Email: hmdurland [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Availability: I could begin the second week of August.
  • I'm beginning Georgetown's Security Studies Master's program in the fall, but should be comfortably available for part-time (<30 hrs/wk) work.
  • Primarily interested in AI, secondarily interested in biosecurity. Given my skills/background, I believe I am best suited for AI policy research or meta-research to support broader AI research/analysis.

Will Fawcett

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Dependent on the role

Skills: Business Continuity Planning, Operational Risk, Business Resilience, Report Writing, Pandemic Contingency Planning, Cyber Contingency Planning, Information Security Risk.

Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/william-fawcett-bcim/ 

Email: willfawcett@protonmail.com 

Availability: Available now


  • I have a particular interest in working on issues involving AI, Good Governance & Democracy, Climate Change and Nuclear Weaponry 
  • I have more than 10 years experience as a Business Continuity professional. I took a career break recently but I’m now looking to return to work with a focus on working within the EA community.
  • I’m also available for pro-bono work for EA organisations that are looking for general advice on their contingency and risk planning but are not actively recruiting for a permanent role.   
  • Name: Adam Tury
  • Target roles: Operations Manager, Operations Generalist,  Technology Manager. 
  • Location: Various (UK/EU mostly, US sometimes)
  • Remote: Yes - I am only entertaining remote roles at this time. 
  • Willing to relocate: No, but willing to travel 4-6 times per year for work. 
  • Skills: leadership, people management, coaching, career development, hiring, onboarding, software development management, software operations, operational excellence, organizational culture, performance management, Agile methodologies, continuous improvement, project/program management, business writing.
  • CV: https://go.adamtury.com/cv 
  • CV Highlights: Studied CS, AI and philosophy at the University of Michigan, worked at Amazon for 6 years, worked as a people manager for 11.5 years, managed up to 25 people, promoted 12 people, gave 500+ interviews, led the delivery of product/technology roadmaps for several years.  
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-tury/ 
  • EA Experience: 80000 Hours career course, 80000 Hours advising, EA virtual intro course, participated in EAG San Francisco, EAG Washington DC and EAGx Virtual. 
  • Cause areas: Meta-EA, AI-safety, alternative proteins (climate change + farmed animal welfare) are my preferred cause areas, but I'm open to other longtermist cause areas.  
  • Available: now. 
  • Email: adam@adamtury.com
  • Note: I'm piloting a pay-what-you-can leadership coaching offering for current and aspiring EA managers. Email me for details.
  • Name: Davit Jintcharadze
  • Location: London, the UK
  • Remote: Possible 
  • Willing to relocate: Potentially, yes
  • Skills: psychology research, organizational skills, communication, writing. 
  • Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19UEZvZEMwQkpCrwvjGeZ2U12YriSA_D1/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=102787339948152608405&rtpof=true&sd=true 
  • Email: dj1267@nyu.edu 
  • Notes: I recently relocated to London, and currently work for a knowledge network (sales & outreach). I found my current employment to be not focused on impact at all, and it is giving me significant discomfort that I spend 8 hours 5 times a day working on something that only makes the company more well-off, but does not improve my skills (outside of sales-related ones) or has any traceable impact. Hence, I am looking for EA-aligned jobs, mostly in the UK (with a remote option). My interests are psychology, institutional decision-making, mental health, and more general EA roles focused on operations & community building. I would need visa sponsorship since I am here on a working visa. 
  • Available from and until: October 9 onwards. 


Hi! I’m Andrea Owe, I’m an environmental moral philosopher and currently a Research Associate at the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute. Here, I’ve focused on the ethics of GCR, especially environmental and AI-related risks, including from underrepresented worldviews and value-systems. 

Location: Oslo, Norway

Remote: Yes. My current work for GCRI is remote and administratively arranged through Effective Altruism Norway, to make the international work situation smooth. A similar collaboration can most likely be arranged. 

Willing to relocate: Ideally no. Open to semi-remote arrangements. 


  • Original research on GCR and the long-term future, especially on environmental and AI-related risks.  
  • Ethics of GCR, AI, nonhumans, space colonization, and the long-term future.
  • Environmental philosophy, and interdisciplinary environmental, sustainability, and Anthropocene studies. 
  • Applying alternative value-systems to the ethics of GCR and related topics.
  • Policy impact. I have, e.g., helped formulate a forthcoming IEEE Standard on the governance of AI to adequately address GCRs, nonhuman welfare, and environmental issues.

CV: https://www.andreaowe.com/about-cv

Email: mail@andreaowe.com


  • Cause areas: GCRs associated with climate change, environmental degradation, and AI, and nonhuman/animal welfare, longtermism, value spreading, moral progress, moral circle expansion, and post-catastrophe. 
  • Looking for: I am ideally looking for research positions in EA-adjacent think tanks or the like. I would be particularly interested in opportunities to study systemic approaches to risk mitigation, including on the interdependencies and underlying drivers of GCRs. I am equally interested in diversifying worldviews, value-systems, and epistemologies applied to GCR research and related EA-adjacent issues.  
  • Experience with EA: I have been involved with EA since around 2018, when I had a research internship with GCRI. Locally, I am involved with EA Norway, where I also have an office space. 
  • Fulltime: Yes.  
  • Availability: From January 2023. Open to discuss an earlier start for the right position. 
  • Dream workplace: Rethink Priorities

Hello! I'm Ava Easley and I'm a current gap year student looking for an internship. I plan on majoring in business and economics while in college, but I'm also interested in exploring other fields!

Location: Denver

Remote: Preferred

Willing to relocate: Maybe


Cold Calling and Sales

  • Most of my current internship is volunteer recruitment, I do not have any qualms with being in situations where an ask is probably a no

Event Organization and Management

  • Experience training and organizing volunteers

Research and Search

  • I currently do research/writeups on a variety of different political areas, from general trends in a house rep district to finding the most effective contacts for organizing in rural counties

Résumé: Ava-Easley-Resume 

Email: easleyava@gmail.com

Available from and until: December 2022 to July 2023


  • I have completed college level coursework in statistics, economics, american government, biology, english, and history. I am currently studying calculus. 

Location: Graz, Austria

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: For the right opportunity


  • Startup Founder & Software Developer with 12 years of experience
  • Basic knowledge of most aspects of running a business
  • Strong Technical Skills
    • Computer Graphics and Game Development
    • Web Scraping and Automation
    • Performance Optimization
    • Algorithmic Problems
    • General backend development
    • Microsoft .NET
    • Desktop Development
  • Some experience in
    • Data Pipelines
    • Network Engineering
    • Computer Vision
    • Applied Math
    • Software Testing
    • UI Design & Usability
  • Other non-technical
    • Workshop Facilitation (trained circling facilitator)
    • Filmmaking
    • Photography
  • Previous Research I've done:

Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://lukastr.me/about

Email: lukas@fwsim.com

Available from and until: To be discussed

  • Location: Currently Manila, Philippines, and thus primarily looking for remote work.
  • Remote: Yes.
  • Willing to relocate: Prefer remote, but right pull-factors and who knows!
  • Skills: Highly versatile and creative communicator (over 10 years of experience) with a drive towards clear and effective messaging honed on professional, fundraising, marketing, creative, educational, and technical texts for diverse audiences in many media.

I've returned to the communications and development spaces after over a decade teaching English Language and Literature in international schools (Germany, Wales). Boasting a diverse background in publishing, media, and the arts developed in prior years, my strengths span writing/copywriting, editing, digital storytelling, marketing/PR, and project coordination, with special skills in teaching/training and relationship development. My mission: to use these skills, collaborating with passionate others, to explain, explore, and inspire solutions to today's problems and improve lives. I am working remotely, at least temporarily, from Southeast Asia.

  • Presentation, planning, training, and interpersonal skills developed as project manager and as dedicated international educator for 15 years.
  • Current PT role initiating, cultivating and stewarding relationships with major donors worldwide, but with a special focus on Oceania and Asia; collaborate on engagement, solicitation, and stewardship strategies and prospect research. 
  • Communications lead for Charity Elections (PT), a program supported by Giving What We Can, helping launch/upscale a small nonprofit project in schools. Involved in operations, outreach, promotions, writing of everything from grants to social media posts to curricula around effective giving.
  • Experience as marketing copywriter/creative at industrial agency. Conceiving and writing social media and other promotional campaigns, websites, storylines, etc. for high tech B2B, from cybersecurity to the sustainable energy grid. 
  • Seeking a role in communications, such as marketing or outreach that achieves my mission above.
  • Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-steinberg1/ or visit adamedit.com for colorful gathering of writing/editing samples. DM or email me for an updated CV.
  • Email: adamantic@gmail.com
  • Notes:
    • I currently work half-time for The Life You Can Save and a few hours weekly for Charity Elections. I am seeking a role of or approaching 20 hours per week.
    • I am open to all causes and in many ways prefer multifaceted roles. (If I had to choose pet areas, they might include climate change, preservation of the oceans, and species/ecosystem protection.
    • I dove into EA in 2019 and while I do not claim to be an expert, I have a good grasp of all key concepts.
  • Available from and until: now and forever.

Hi, I’m Víctor, I recently finished a master's degree in computer science this summer and I’m trying to start a career in AI alignment and currently looking for a job.

Location: Spain - Ourense

Remote :Yes

Willing to relocate: For the right opportunity

What I want to do: AI alignment or alternatively some AI related thing where I can get career capital to later work on Alignment.


-C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, C(from cs bachelor and master’s degree and a small personal projects over the years).

-Pytorch(Mostly from doing a master's thesis on decision transformers on the MineRL environment and online courses)

-Unity and game development(from working on small games for game jams and personal projects).



Available from and until should be available anytime, currently just job hunting and working on personal projects.

Location: Open to Relocation (will be in Berlin through Dec 22)

Remote: Prefer in-person / Flex / Hybrid

Willing to relocate: Yes


  • HR / People Management
    • Org/Job Analysis
    • Recruitment
    • Performance Development
    • People Management
    • Problem Resolution
  • Project Management 
    • (Happy to elaborate if interested, but not expanding here to save Forum real-estate)
  • Small Organization Leadership
  • Strategy / Analysis
  • Public Speaking
  • Standard Productivity Software + Adobe Photoshop/Premiere


Brennan Wilkerson | LinkedIn


Please reach out via LinkedIn or via DM on here (prefer not to publicly share contact information)


Interested in Consulting, Operations, Strategy, and more - happy to provide references :)

Available from and until:

January 2023 - ?

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Probably not


  • Entrepreneurship & business
  • Marketing
  • Operations management
  • CRM (Customer Relations Management system)

LinkedIn: Iska Knuuttila | LinkedIn

Email: iska.knuuttila@gmail.com 

Available from: 1st of August 2022. Part-time/Full-time

Location:Turkey (As of September, I'll be in NL for five months)
Willing to relocate:Maybe
Skills:Interdisciplinary research and charity evaluation, I'm a volunteer analyst at SoGive. I speak Turkish(and learning Ottoman Turkish at the moment), well-versed in development, meta-EA and philosophy.  Currently I'm part of a team that's looking into how GiveDirectly's actions might be impacting the broader political economy, with a focus on programs in Kenya and Rwanda.
Email: berke.celik@boun.edu.tr
Notes:Because I am a student based Turkey, cost of hiring me is quite low! I'm looking for part-time or project-based work. Since April I've been doing some community building here in Turkey and as a result I've thought a lot about how to do EA community building (and EA-related work in general) in an LMIC context.


Location: Belgium
Remote: yes
Willing to relocate: possible
Skills: Software development: Javascript, React.js , Html, Css, PHP, Wordpress, GraphQL, SQL, UI design, PostgreSQL, node.js
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tjankui-lamon-549476161/
Email: tjankui@gmail.com
Notes: currently immediately available. For more info and my resume, you can email me :)

Location: Sydney, Australia
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: I'm in a process of visa application so not really the best time but I'm open to it.
Skills: Outreach - I'm a creative video producer with skills ranging from writing, videography, video editing, 2D animation, motion design, podcast editing. In other word, a video generalist one man band. I've created a YouTube channel and a podcast on futurism called The Flares. My skills suit any EA organisations who need to promote their work/ideas.
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gaetanselle/
Email: selle.gaetan@gmail.com
Notes: My main focus is longtermism and Xrisks (I'm currently producing an educational series on the topic) but I wouldn't exclude working on other cause areas. My current daily job is to make videos for businesses and corporations. It pays the bills, but I’m feeling more and more dissatisfied by the lack of meaning to what I do. I'm looking to work on more EA related projects.
Available from and until: Now onwards, on a contract basis or full-time.
  • Location: Colombia S.A.
  • Remote: open to visit and serve communities in need.
  • Willing to relocate: not at the moment, depends because I’m married.
  • Skills: I have done my share in the world, I have been a photographer, Teacher, a  negotiator, and an artist,  i have made social work and speak Spanish, English and Italian.  also good with design and would love to help to this cause, should I say everyone’s cause! 
  • Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: 42 years old, studied Psychology and Arts, started making social work true a foundation called Proyecto Escobar
... (read more)
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